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EthernetIP VIM 3.5.1 Release Notes
Product: IOD-4102 - Ethernet/IP Scanner Driver (Rockwell PLC Interface - Logix, PLC5, SLC505)

The following release notes are for the Ethernet/IP VIM v3.5.1

Product Description:

These release notes are for changes made to the Ethernet/IP VIM firmware for v3.5.1. The previous general released firmware version is 3.4.3. The flash procedure is documented in the product manual.

Who should upgrade?

This firmware release is MANDATORY for all Ethernet/IP VIM users at or prior to firmware v3.3.64.

The following defects were corrected:

1. Redundant Applications – Loss of standby link with PLC. In the communication architecture shown below, a defect was reported where the Standby VIM intermittently could not connect to the standby chassis after a hot chassis/IP switchover due to MAC address mismatch. This defect has been corrected.

2. Redundant Applications – double communications failure. In the communication architecture shown above, a double failure was injected into the system by disconnecting both lines 1 and 2. This causes both VIM’s to lose field communications as expected. However, when the Standby VIM was reconnected first, it did not immediately take control and become Active. Only the previously Active VIM took control when it was reconnected.

Normally this type of double failures are not supported by the VIM architecture. Only one failure at a time is expected to be handled by the redundancy algorithm. However, a firmware revision was implemented so that whichever VIM can first connect to the PLC will immediately take control and go Active.

The following enhancements were implemented:

Simplex Applications only. Class 1 I/O connection resolution time was significantly reduced based on memory pre-allocation optimizations. Connections are established between the PLC and the VIM after PLC or VIM download, or after a communication cable disconnect/reconnect. Prior to this enhancement, VIM’s with a large number of I/O connections could take several seconds (sometimes in the minutes) to establish good communications. With this enhancement, connection time is typically less than 5 seconds.

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