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Ethernet/IP VIM v.3.3.62 Release Notes
By Nobin William
Product: IOD-4102 - Ethernet/IP Scanner Driver (Rockwell PLC Interface - Logix, PLC5, SLC505)

These release notes are for changes made to the Ethernet/IP VIM firmware for v3.3.62.

Product Description

These release notes are for changes made to the Ethernet/IP VIM firmware for v3.3.62. The previous general released firmware version is v3.3.59. The flash procedure is documented in the product manual

Previous firmware versions are v3.3.60 – Please see release notes for details

Previous firmware versions are v3.3.61 – Please see release notes for details

Who should upgrade?

This firmware release is a MANDATORY upgrade for customers communicating with PLC 5/XX and SLC 5XX

processors via the DataLink GW1000 Ethernet/IP to DH+ gateway.

This firmware release is RECOMMENDED for all other customers.

The following enhancements were implemented: Support for DataLink GW1000 Ethernet/DH+ Gateway.

Background: VIM requests to read/write data tables from PLC’s located on a DH+ network requires the use of an Ethernet/IP to DH+ converter.

Solution: The DataLink GW1000 is currently a 2-card solution, which converts Ethernet/IP requests from the VIM into DH+ messages which are sent to the targeted PLC. The incoming DH+ response is converted back to Ethernet/IP and returned to the VIM.

DeltaV Configuration: One or more devices can be configured under a given Port in a VIM Serial card. The device number must match the PLC device ID. This is a number in the range 1-255.

Datasets configured under each device must be marked to indicate that a converter is being used. User must configure a 2 in the Special Data 5 register of the dataset. This flag tells the VIM to format the Ethernet/IP request such that the PLC device ID is included in the message. Configure the special data registers as follows:

Special Data Number Value
1 7 (or other file type)
2 7 (or other table number)
3 0
4 0
5 2

In the VimNet Explorer, configure the PLC devices as follows:

  1. Use the same IP address for all devices to be accessed via the DataLink GW1000 gateway. The IP address of the GW1000 gateway is used.
  2. Configure each device with the same PLC device ID as specified in the DeltaV configuration.
  3. Configure the Maximum messages for each device to 1. Multiple simultaneous requests are not supported.

For example, see the following:

System architecture using the DataLink gateway is depicted below. Note that for redundant VIM applications, a second DataLink GW1000 gateway must be used to provide access to the DH+ network.

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