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Ethernet/IP VIM v3.6.3 Release Notes
By Nobin William
Product: IOD-4102 - Ethernet/IP Scanner Driver (Rockwell PLC Interface - Logix, PLC5, SLC505)

The following release notes are for the Ethernet/IP VIM v3.6.3

Product Description:

These release notes are for the Ethernet/IP VIM2 firmware v3.6.1. Previous released driver is v3.6.3. The flash procedure is documented in the product manual.

Who should upgrade?

Recommended for all Ethernet/IP VIM applications.

Note: this product is in life cycle maintenance mode.


Dataset scan times have been improved by eliminating repetitive field response checking tasks.

Corrected Defects

VIM to VIM Auto Commissioning mechanism has been eliminated due to uncertainty in decommissioned VIM identification. Unrelated decommissioned VIM's on the network were inadvertently getting commissioned.

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