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FMC SubSea VIM Firmware v1.0.13 Release Notes
By Noelle Weymer
Product: DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

Product Description:

These release notes are for the FMC 722 protocol firmware version 1.0.13 for the VIM (IOD-4105). The previous version is 1.0.11.

Who Should Upgrade?

1. Required for all FMC applications.

What is New in This Release?


The Following Defects Were Corrected:

1. This release corrects an issue with forced update of the DeltaV database from the VIM. There is an intended default maximum update interval from the VIM of 500ms. In version 1.0.11, this is dependent on changed data. Version 1.0.12 changed this to 500ms with message flooding of DeltaV. This is now corrected to update at a default maximum interval of 2000ms (changeable) whether the data is changed or not.