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FMC VIM2 Firmware v2.1.1 Release Notes
By Nobin William
Product: DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

These release notes are for the FMC722 Ethernet/IP protocol firmware v2.1.1 for the VIM2 card.

Product Description:

Release notes are for the FMC VIM2 Firmware (2.1.1).

Who Should Upgrade?

This release is available for all users of FMC firmware on VIM2’s.

What is New in This Release?

This release adds the ability to trigger a signature request from DeltaV, using registers 7 to 10 of the Global Status table. Register 7 specifies a register assigned to the tag, register 8 specifies the operation code, registers 10 and 11 may hold the frequency and number of samples if required. The signature may be captured using SmartTool depending on the version of the TPU (K200 series processes these signature requests). Contact FMC for further information about specific TPU and SmartTool versions required for your application.

Example processing of Global Dataset signature registers:

Expression Text:

tagRef := SHL(IN1, 16) + IN2;
IF (tagRef <> '//NODE1/IO1/C60/P02/DEV01/DS01/R7.CV') THEN
'//NODE1/IO1/C60/P02/DEV01/DS01/R7.CV' := tagRef;
freqIn := IN3;
IF (freqIn <> '^/FREQUENCY.CV') THEN
'^/FREQUENCY.CV' := freqIn;
sampleNum := IN4;
IF (sampleNum <> '^/SAMPLE_NUMBER.CV') THEN
'^/SAMPLE_NUMBER.CV' := sampleNum;
OUT1 := '//NODE1/IO1/C60/P02/DEV01/DS01/R8.CV' & 65535;
OUT2 := SHR('//NODE1/IO1/C60/P02/DEV01/DS01/R8.CV', 16);

IN1 is the dataset input (allowable values are 1-128, the absolute dataset register in the VIM. IN2 is the register number, this is dependent on data type of the tag group and specifies the referenced tag in the dataset. See VimNet Explorer documentation for FMC tag groups. Input IN3 and IN4 are optional parameters for the signature request (dependent on tag type and operation requested).

Register 8 is the OPERATION_CODE variable. Setting this to the operation code will trigger the request (high word of the register must be zero (0)). The return is split by the SIGNATURE_TRIP modue, OUT1 is the operation code, OUT2 is the status code:

Hex Status Message State Description
0x0008 Processing VIM has received value from DeltaV and is processing message
0x0004 Sent VIM has sent message, waiting for ACK from TPU
0x0001 Acked VIM has received an acknowledgment from the TPU for the tag update.
0x0002 Nacked VIM has received a negative acknowledgment from the TPU for the tag update (update failed).
0x0018 TimedOut VIM has sent the value to TPU but has not received a response within the timeout period, message or response may have been lost due to collision or other reason. The timeout is based on the highest interval on any port on which the device is instantiated, best practice is to set all ports with the device to the same value, default 1000 ms.

Log messages are generated if logging is enable on the VIM:

2015-06-29 14:21:22.727: C0A80066: Send Signature Req TPU SPCU U10-A1-A1 TPU1-A (0) Tag TT504 (66) = Operation 1, Frequency 0, Sample Number 0)

2015-06-29 14:21:22.747: C0A80066: Signature Ack received: TT504

Sample using AI tag for target (Dataset 13, Register 30002)

The Following Defects Were Corrected: