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FMC722 Driver for DeltaV VIM2
By Jay Chard
Product: IOD-4115 - FMC722 Ethernet Protocol Driver for DeltaV VIM2

This product provides a high performance integration solution between Emerson’s DeltaV Process Systems and FMC Technologies Subsea control systems used in Floating Production and Storage Operation (FPSO) Oil and Gas Production Facilities.

This driver uses the DeltaV Virtual IO Module 2 (VIM2), providing a native DeltaV IO interface to the FMC Topside Processing Unit (TPU). The FMC722 Ethernet driver provides a robust integration solution.

Industrial Ethernet Integration to DeltaV Using the Virtual IO Module 2 Network Gateway

Key Features of the FMC722 Ethernet Driver for VIM2

Native DeltaV IO Data Definition - Using the FMC722 Ethernet Driver, the VIM2 appears to the DeltaV controller as four Programmable Serial Interface Cards (PSICs).

Expanded Device Capacity - Using the DeltaV Serial card definition, a maximum of 128 devices can be configured per VIM2 (using one dataset per device).

Expanded Data Capacity - Each configured DeltaV Serial card dataset can support 100 16-bit registers.

Flexible Networking - User configurable IP addressing allows the VIM2 to be used in almost any plant environment regardless of networking scheme. The VIM2 TCP/IP configuration page allows the user to specify the VIM2 IP address, Subnet Mask, and Router address.

1:1 Module Redundancy - Redundancy can be added to any system by adding a second VIM2 and configuring the two modules as a redundant pair. In redundant configurations, the VIM2 appears as 4 Redundant DeltaV PSIC pairs. DeviceNet card definition is not supported in redundant installations. Automatic switchover of primary to standby cards is handled like the DeltaV Serial Card. The operator is given clear notification of a switchover at the operator display. Manual switchover can be controlled in DeltaV Diagnostics.

Easier, Intuitive Configuration - VIMNet Explorer has been developed to easily configure the VIM to integrate EtherNet/IP data into DeltaV. To support rapid implementation of EtherNet/IP projects, VIMNet supports the use of EDS files to get started with configuring connection definitions.

Enhanced IO - Support for read and write access to TPU AO, AI, DO and DI point tag along with time synchronization from DeltaV to the FMC Subsea system. Monitoring quality of connection and automatically restarting communications when connection is lost

Easy Startup - auto configuration of the interface from the FMC SmartTool configuration export file. Once uploaded to VIM2, this is stored in non-volatile RAM.

Subsea System Topography

FMC722 Messaging Supported

The VIM2 FMC scanner is an online process in the VIM2. It is designed to run continuously; updates to the configuration are by uploads from the VIMNet Explorer and downloads from DeltaV controller. Once installed, commissioned and uploaded, the VIM2 FMC scanner automatically opens its connection to the TPU when DeltaV downloads the card configuration (all four cards in DeltaV). The IO Point definitions are configured into the VIM2 scan table the DeltaV configuration is loaded.
  • During the scan, each point type is processed, checking for updates from the mapped DeltaV output registers. Outputs to the TPU will be by exception on receipt of the output from the DeltaV database.
  • Inputs from the field (TPU) are monitored, and changed inputs are sent to DeltaV real-time database asynchronously to the DeltaV outputs as received.
  • FMC Pings are sent to TPU at a 10 second interval asynchronously to inputs and outputs. Ping responses are processed as part of the input monitoring process. Failure to receive ping response within the 10 second interval triggers a timeout. Following 3 retries, the TCP connection to field (TPU) will be terminated and will result in all associated datasets in DeltaV going to bad status.

On VIM2 restart (following power loss), the Configuration is read from EPROM in the VIM2 and the communications is automatically restored.

Each sensor/actuator IO point is an object and consists of multiple parameters; each parameter is a separate DeltaV register. As each parameter value may of a different data type, the registers for an individual IO point will be mapped to separate dataset/register combinations. A register in a separate dataset will be assign for each parameter required for a point. This means there will be one dataset for each point value and the register in each dataset corresponds to the tag index (under the device, not TPU).

There will be a maximum number of tags in a single VIM2. This number will limit the number of SPCU’s that may be connected to the VIM2. The more tags in an individual SPCU, the fewer SPCU’s. Based on how the tags are entered into the datasets under a device, there will be further limits on the total tags (as some datasets may not be fully utilized). Note also that 32-bit datasets (integer and floating point) in DeltaV only allow 50 registers while discrete, 8 and 16-bit datasets allow 100.

The DeltaV VIM2 provides a native DeltaV I/O interface to open plant Ethernet networks and devices that use FMC722 (TCP) protocol. DeltaV controllers can read and write signals from the connected TPUs. As such, the VIM2 is a Network Gateway between DeltaV controllers and field subsea devices supporting network communications.

VIM2 Product Description & Specifications

The VIM2 mounts on a 2-wide carrier on the left-hand-side of the DeltaV controller. A dedicated DeltaV power supply is required. The DeltaV Controller auto-senses a commissioned VIM2 as 4 DeltaV Programmable Serial Cards in slots 57-60 or 61-64.

More information: DeltaV Virtual IO Module Network Gateway Specifications

VIM2 Driver Software Support

Software Support for the FMC722 Driver for DeltaV VIM2 is included in the initial driver purchase for the first year from the date of shipment, and includes driver revision updates and technical support.

More information: VIM2 Driver Software Support Service

Ordering Information

The product numbers in the table below are for the complete DeltaV VIM2 Network Gateway. For each DeltaV VIM2 a Software License must be purchased. The VIMNet Explorer is included with each complete purchase. All software is distributed is subject to MYNAH Technologies Software License Agreement. A completed MYNAH software registration form is required before shipment. One year of technical support from the date of shipment is included with each purchase.

Hardware Module:

VE4026 DeltaV Virtual IO Module 2 (M Series VIM2), Manufactured by Emerson
SE4027 DeltaV Virtual IO Module 2 (S Series VIM2), Manufactured by Emerson

Software Licenses:

IOD-4115 FMC722 Ethernet Protocol Driver for DeltaV VIM2

IOD-4115 Release Notes


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