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Getting Started with VIMNet Explorer
By Matt Welsh
Product: DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

In these four videos, we walk through the basics of using VIMNet Explorer.

VIMNet Explorer is the configuration program for the Virtual IO Module (VIM) for Emerson Process Management's DeltaV Control System. VIMNet Explorer provides an interface for configuring the VIM.

Starting VIMNet Explorer and Commissioning VIMs

  • Launching VIMNet Explorer
  • Setting VIMNet's Network properties
  • Detecting Decommissioned VIMs
  • Commissioning Simulation VIMs

Flash Upgrading VIMs

  • Requirements for flash upgrading VIMs
  • Effects of flash upgrading VIMs
  • How to flash upgrade VIMs

Configuring Devices with ModbusTCP

  • Creating I/O VIM placeholders
  • Commissioning I/O VIMs
  • Creating Device Configuration

Configuring Datasets with ModbusTCP

  • Auto-sensing the VIM in DeltaV
  • Creating a device instance in DeltaV
  • Creating a dataset
  • Viewing real-time register values

For more help with VIMNet Explorer, visit the topic and others at our VIM Web Help.