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Greg McMillan's Series on Dynamics
By Greg Mcmillan
Product: Mimic Simulation

MYNAH Process Simulation Consultant and Process Control Legend, Greg McMillan, presents his series on process dynamics to young MYNAH and Experitec Engineers.

The following videos provide an essential understanding of the key aspects of dynamics important for operator and plant performance. Each session includes examples generated by a MiMiC virtual plant. The format follows the ISA book 101 Tips for a Successful Automation Career in terms of providing concepts, details, watch-outs, insights and rules of thumb, except the introduction is an overview that summarizes the topic and the details include a step-by-step procedure. The presentations use block and simplified P&ID diagrams, MiMiC screen prints, and bullet points.

Click a link below to see its corresponding video part for this series.

  1. What are the Key Characteristics of Dynamic Terms and Responses?
  2. Why Do I Need to Learn Dynamics?
  3. Where Do Process Dynamics Come From?
  4. Where Do Automation System Dynamics Come From?
  5. What are the Sources of Disturbance?
  6. How do you Improve Plant and Model Performance?