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Mettler-Toledo Serial Protocols for DeltaV
By Martin Berutti
Product: DeltaV Serial Drivers

The purpose of this technical note is to aid in the selection of DeltaV Serial Drivers for Mettler-Toledo weigh scales.

DeltaV Serial Drivers are available from MYNAH for several Mettler-Toledo Weigh Scales communication modes. In order to make sure that the driver you select is the right one for the application, please refer to the Mettler-Toledo scale user manual and the following guidelines.

IOD-1128, Mettler Toledo Driver supports the following communication modes:

  • Continuous Output – scales continually sends updates which are read by the DeltaV Serial Card (read only)
  • Multi-Continuous Output – specific to Jaguar scales and allows several Jaguar scales to communicate to one Jaguar controller that continually sends updates to the DeltaV Serial Card (read only).
  • 8141 Protocol (also called Toledo Continuous Format) – master/slave driver where the DeltaV Serial Card can send tare, zero requests and read scale data.
  • 8142 Protocol – similar to 8141 protocol.

IOD-1142, Mettler Toledo ID7 Driver supports the following communication modes:

  • SICS protocol level 0 and level 1 commands