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Mimic Advanced Thermo Package
By Martin Berutti
Product: Mimic Simulation

Mimic Advanced Thermo Package is a complete set of advanced thermodynamic methods and data designed for users in the petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas, and refining industries. The Mimic Site must have Advanced Modeling Objects Core as a prerequisite and be current on Mimic Software Support to add this package. Please refer to Mimic Advanced Modeling Object License Structure for more information about Mimic Advanced Modeling Objects licensing requirements.

Mimic Advanced Thermo Package is available as an option for Mimic v3.7 or higher. Mimic sites that do not have the Advanced Thermo Package have Core Thermo functionality that includes:

  • Ideal Gas Equation of State (EOS) for the vapor phase with user defined Compressibility Factor for addressing the nonideality of the gas phase: Pv = ZvRT where P is pressure, R - ideal gas constant, T – temperature, v - molar volume;
  • Activity model for the liquid phase with user defined Activity coefficients for handling the nonideality of the liquid phase: Ki = yi/xi = γiPi* / P where K-values are calculated using the ratio of the component saturation vapor pressure Pi* to the overall system pressure P. Here, yi and xi are mole fractions of the vapor and liquid components, respectively, and Pi* = Pi*(T) is calculated using Antoine equation.
  • Enthalpy model includes ideal gas and ideal liquid enthalpy calculations that can be corrected with user defined Enthalpy correction terms at the unit operation level.

Complete Thermodynamics Package

The Advanced Thermo Package allows Mimic user to configure and employ rigorous thermodynamic model methodologies. This expanded modeling capability stems from the addition of two classes of functionality:

Cubic Equation of State Models. These EOS models can be used to calculate compressibility and enthalpy departure. The most widely used EOS types are included in the Mimic Advanced Thermo Package:

  • Peng-Robinson (PR76)
  • Peng-Robinson (PR76 - Boston Mathias)
  • Peng-Robinson (PR78)
  • Peng-Robinson (PR78 - Boston Mathias)
  • Predictive Peng-Robinson by Jaubert and Mutelet (PPR78)
  • Soave-Redlich-Kwong (SRK)
  • Soave-Redlich-Kwong (SRK - Boston Mathias)
  • Predictive Soave-Redlich-Kwong by Jaubert and Privat (SRK-JP)

EOS models utilize one empirical binary interaction parameter (BIPs) for each binary pair in a mixture. These parameters characterize the nonideality of interaction between component pairs, with a value of zero indicating negligible interaction. The Mimic Advanced Thermo Package contains two methods for leveraging BIPs in EOS models:

  • Constant values of BIPs, defined by the approximation of experimental data for each binary pair in a mixture for the PR76, PR78, and SRK models (as well as their Boston Mathias modifications);
  • Temperature dependent values of BIPs, calculated by a group contribution method for the binary pair in a mixture by application of the predictive models PPR78 and SRK-JP.

Activity models based on the Non Random Two Liquid (NRTL) equations for the liquid phase. The vapor phase is based on the Ideal Gas EOS in this Mimic version. The NRTL model is applied for the calculation of liquid phase activity coefficients as well as excess enthalpy (enthalpy of mixing).

Configuration of Predictive Peng Robinson EOS Model in Mimic Component Sets
Configuration of Predictive Peng Robinson EOS Model in Mimic Component Sets

Easy to Configure, Easy to Use

The continual goal of MYNAH Technologies is to reduce the time and effort required to build and maintain high fidelity dynamic simulators. The Mimic Advanced Thermo Package continues this mission with an intuitive, easy-to-use approach to using this new capability. Key features of the Mimic Advanced Thermo Package include:

  • Thermo methods and data are set per Mimic Component Set - providing an intuitive, fast, open, and flexible approach to using these advanced features
  • Binary interaction parameters estimation wizards guide the user through setup and tuning of component sets
  • Easy to change or copy component sets allow user to try different thermo methods quickly and easily
  • Benchmark studies by MYNAH's simulation services group show Mimic Advanced Thermo Package significantly decreases model tuning requirements.

Real-Time, Dynamic Model Performance

MYNAH Technologies is dedicated to helping process companies globally improve plant operations with Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation. A key requirement of the process simulation technology used to deliver operations results is real-time, dynamic model performance. The Mimic Advanced Thermo Package was built to provide excellent real-time and dynamic model performance. Mimic Advanced Thermo Package features include:

  • Flash / VLE calculations at each model scan providing more stable, realistic simulation
  • Microsecond Flash/VLE calculations allows Mimic 100 msec model threads, supporting realistic dynamics for fast processes using actual plant control loop tuning
Configuration of NRTL Activity Model in Mimic Advanced Thermo Package
Configuration of NRTL Activity Model in Mimic Advanced Thermo Package

Ordering Information

The Mimic Advanced Thermo Package can be added to any Mimic license that currently has Mimic Advanced Modeling Objects Core License and is current on Mimic Software Support.

Item Description
MM3-7112 Mimic Advanced Thermo Package