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Mimic Debutanizer Operator Training Package for PlantPAx®
By Martin Berutti
Product: Mimic Simulation

The Mimic Debutanizer Operator Training Package for PlantPAx is a high fidelity operator training system for distillation columns made for Rockwell PlantPAx users.

This operator training package provides the complete environment for teaching safe and effective operations of distillation columns. It also is an effective tool for teaching process and control engineers the use and design of process controls for distillation towers. This package uses Mimic Distillation Advanced Modeling Object for dynamic, accurate process responses.

The Mimic Debutanizer Operator Training Package includes:

  • Configured and tested High-Fidelity dynamic model of a working Debutanizer column.
  • Process control configuration in Mimic models and Component Studio operator graphics.
  • Process control configuration in Rockwell Studio 5000 Logix Emulate™ control modules and FactoryTalk® View graphics.
  • Mimic Component Studio Instructor Station graphic for training scenario, process snapshot and operating condition controls.
  • Twelve training scenarios covering instrument failures, process failures, feed upsets and environmental upsets commonly experienced in distillation column operation.
  • Process snapshots for full production and production at 33% capacity.
  • Full Mimic software license so package can be customized for user requirements or even used as a starting point for custom operator training systems.
  • Documentation of process control configuration so the Debutanizer operator training system can be used with any process control system that supports open communication protocols, such as OPC, Modbus TCP/IP or EtherNet/IP.
  • Alarms and Events in both FactoryTalk View and Mimic Operator Graphics to alert the operator that there is a problem that requires their attention.

The Mimic Debutanizer Operator Training Package is an effective tool for teaching plant operators the effective control and operation of distillation towers. It supports informal experimentation and learning, as well as formal training sessions.

Operator Environment and Process Controls

An operator graphic of the column along with control faceplates and details are available in:

  • Rockwell FactoryTalk View (MYNAH recommends using FactoryTalk View and Logix Emulate for OTS).
  • Mimic v3.6.3 Component Studio.
Debutanizer Operator Graphic in Rockwell Factory Talk View
Debutanizer Operator Graphic in Rockwell FactoryTalk View

Process control configuration is available for Logix Emulate for OTS or within Mimic Models. Complete control of the Debutanizer is included. The user can modify, tune or add to the process controls as desired.

Instructor Environment

The Mimic Component Studio instructor station graphic allows full control of the Debutanizer Operator Training Package with easy-to-use pushbutton and slider controls. The following instructor controls are included:

  • PFD-like structure with only the necessary information to perform training scenarios or Ad Hoc failures.
  • Debutanizer feed conditions including component concentrations, component activities, and feed temperature.
  • Reboiler steam supply and heat transfer coefficient.
  • Condenser Coolant flow rate and heat transfer coefficient.
  • Process Snapshot controls for full steady-state and 33% steady-state.
  • Operator training session scenarios with dynamic representation of current session student scores and automatic reporting of operator performance.
Debutanizer Instructor Station Graphic in Mimic Component Studio.
Debutanizer Instructor Station Graphic in Mimic Component Studio.

Debutanizer Dynamic Performance Data

The instructor or process engineer can view column performance data of the debutanizer using Mimic Column View. For control system testing or operator training, it provides an inside view of the performance and dynamics of the distillation column. No user configuration is required. Performance data available in Column View includes:

  • Selectable Tray Pressure / Temperature Trend
  • Vapor / Liquid Flowrate, Liquid Holdup and Liquid Enthalpy Trends for three user-selected trays
  • Overhead Section Temperature, Pressure and Liquid Holdups Trends
  • Vapor and Liquid Flow and Valve Position Trends for Overhead Sections
  • Reboiler Temperature, Pressure Trends
  • Vapor and Liquid Flow and Liquid Holdup for Reboiler
  • Vapor Composition Trend for One Selected Tray
  • Column Input and Output Flowrate Trends including Feed, products and Side Withdraws
  • On-line profile (tray by tray) of Liquid and Vapor Flowrates, Liquid Holdups and Liquid Enthalpy
  • On-line Liquid Composition X-Profile (tray-by-tray)
  • On-line Vapor Composition Y-Profile (tray-by-tray)
  • On-line Pressure / Temperature Profile (tray-by-tray)
  • On-line table of performance parameters of trays including temperatures, pressures, holdups and flooding indicators
Debutanizer Tray-By-Tray Liquid Composition, X-Profile, in Mimic Column View

Mimic Operator Training Packages

Mimic Operator Training Packages provide an excellent return on investment for plants training budgets. Unlike other operator training technologies, they are:

  • Built for Operator Training and Control System Testing. Because the operator training package is built using Mimic Simulation Software, it fully supports operator training and configuration testing with any process control system environment. Mimic Simulated IO Drivers are non-intrusive and high performance, allowing IO simulation of any open process control system.
  • Easy to Customize and Modify. Mimic Operator Training Packages use Mimic Simulation Software Advanced Modeling Objects to deliver high-fidelity, dynamic process models. There is no hidden configuration in the solution. The user can easily modify the model to make it behave like any debutanizer or any distillation column. The user can also add training scenarios and process snapshots as needed without limit.
  • Able to Work With Any Process Control System. All process control functions and the operator graphic are documented in the user manual so the user can quickly make his own control system configuration and use the process models, training scenarios and instructor graphics in the Debutanizer training package with any process control system.
  • Flexible, Powerful and Dynamic. The package is based upon Mimic Simulation Software; It is scalable from very small simulations to very large ones in the same software license. Mimic's multi-threaded simulation engine allows the fastest real-time performance of any simulation offering while still delivering accurate, dynamic simulations for a realistic operator experience at the control system operator station.

Ordering Information

The Debutanizer Operator Training Package is packaged with a complete Mimic Simulation Software license as shown below.

Item Description
MM3-5101 Mimic Debutanizer Operator Training Package
MM3-1101 Mimic 1000 SIO Tag Base License
MM3-3101 Operator Training Manager
MM3-7111 Advanced Modeling Objects Core
MM3-7121 Advanced Modeling Separations 1 Package
MM3-7122 Advanced Modeling Separations 2 Package

To use the Rockwell FactoryTalk Operator Graphics and Logix Emulate for OTS Control Modules, the following Simulated IO Driver should be included.

Item Description
MM3-2114 Rockwell Studio 5000 Logix Emulate SIO Driver