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Mimic Quickstart Installation Guide
By Aaron Johnson
Product: Mimic Simulation

This Quickstart Guide reviews how to quickly install and validate Mimic.

For details on configuring and operating your Mimic System, please reference “Using Mimic” in the online help system, found in the Help menu in Mimic and the Online Help.

For more information on supported operating systems and hardware specifications and requirements, see Mimic Computer Hardware and Operating System Requirements.

Installing Mimic

Download the installer from your account or insert the Mimic Installation memory stick into an empty USB port. Open the download directory (or drive) in Windows Explorer and double-click on Mimic 3.x Setup (32/64-bit).exe to launch the installer.

Prerequisites Setup

Mimic relies on certain Windows components and software. The installer will first look for these components and verify that they are present and sufficiently up to date. If they are not, the prerequisites wizard will run. The wizard will present you with a list of the prerequisites and what action it will take for each one.

If a prerequisite is missing or out of date, it will be installed. Otherwise, it will be skipped.

Microsoft .Net Framework Setup

If required versions of the Microsoft .Net framework are not present on the PC, they will be installed. For Windows Server 2008 SP2, an Internet connection may be required for installation of .NET.

Microsoft SQL Server Setup

If the Installer determines that Microsoft SQL Express is not present on the PC, then it will install the SQL database components.

Mimic Setup

After all prerequisites have been installed on the PC, the Installation Wizard will begin to install Mimic. Click “Next” to continue.

The Installation Wizard will ask you to accept the license agreement. Read the agreement, select “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” and click “Next” to continue.

The Installation Wizard will ask you to choose an installation directory. The default directory is recommended.

After accepting the license agreement, Mimic will be ready to install. Click Install to start the installation.

The installer will begin copying files and updating the registry. Please wait.

The Mimic Installation Tasks window will appear during installation to indicate the current action of the installer.

Service Credentials

The Service Credentials window will appear during the “Get service credentials” task of the Mimic Installation Task. This allows you to change the credentials used to run any of the services. This is often necessary, for instance, for services that connect to OPC servers. Enter any necessary credentials in the dialog, then click “OK.”

Installation Complete

At installation completion, click “Finish”. If you leave the “Launch Mimic” check box selected, Mimic Explorer will launch immediately.

You have successfully completed the Mimic installation and validation. Look for more guides on using Mimic in the "Using Mimic" section of the Mimic Help documentation.

The next step is to create a simulation database, either manually, or by using one of the utilities in the Tools menu of Mimic Explorer.

Attaching the license key

Insert your Mimic license key into an empty USB port. Windows will automatically find, update and install the device driver for the key. This may take several minutes. When Windows has finished configuring the driver, the red status light will illuminate on the key.

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