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Mimic Simulation Software v3.6.3 Release Notes
By Dean Cook
Product: Mimic Simulation

The previous general released version is v3.6.2.3. This release, v3.6.3, comprises functionality enhancements and defect corrections discovered or reported in v3.6.2.3 or earlier.

To install this version, please uninstall the existing Mimic v3.6.2 and then install v3.6.3. Sites with Mimic older than v3.6.2 may proceed directly to install this version. Installation procedures are documented in the QuickStart Guide.

Upgrade to this release is recommended for all Mimic users.

Release Components

DeltaV Utilityv4.1.49
DeltaV VIM Firmwarev2.3.17
DeltaV VIM2 Firmwarev2.5.7

What's New in this Release?

DeltaV FHX Utility:

  • Added DeltaV Enhanced DC block support in the DeltaV FHX Utility.
  • DeltaV Railbus Driver:
  • Added support for the following new S Series 2 Plus cards, Simplex and Redundant
  • Discrete Input - 32 Channel High Density
  • Discrete Output - 32 Channel High Density
  • Analog Input - 16 Channel, 4-20mA, HART
  • Analog output - 16 Channel, 4-20mA, HART
  • Fieldbus H1 Card, 4 Ports

Mimic Explorer:

  • Added ability to create folders/sub-folders to the Views tree to allow users to organize the views.
  • Added a Move… menu function to relocate Views, View Folders, Areas and Models. This will speed up the process of relocation so that cut/paste is not necessary.

SPA SIMIT* Bridge:

  • Added a new bridge to communicate with SPA SIMIT to perform system Freeze/Snapshot/Restore. Note that OPC DA communications continue to be the base mechanism for input/output data exchange.

Note that the communication interface for this system depends on the user having the Siemens AG “SIMIT Professional” licensed software. To utilize this connection, the user will have to locate the Siemens.Simit.CS.CSAPI.dll file which is located in the bin folder of the SIMIT installation. This file should be copied and pasted into the Mimic installation directory before initiating communications. This communications is established via TCP/IP and requires an address string. This address string may be found in the following registry location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Siemens\Simit\8.0\uri

A default address of:


can be altered to establish connections. If Mimic is on the same PC as SIMIT, the above string may suffice. If Mimic is installed on a second PC, that PC’s name or IP address would replace localhost in the above string, e.g. Mimic installed on MY_MIMIC would result in:


* SIEMENS, SIMATIC, SIMIT, STEP 7, S7-300, and S7-400 are trademarks of Siemens AG or its affiliates in the United State and in other countries

OPC Server:

  • Added the ability to reset holdup units via OPC.

Simulation Engine:

  • Crusher now has a High Pressure Grinding Roller (HPGR) type which will allow the effects of grinding and the power/equipment behavior of a roller to be displayed and referenced.
  • Crusher will adjust the effect of the Rate Scalar when it is above the comminution cap to perform the cap multiple times with the final run to be a sub-cap run to complete the single operation. For example, users are now able to specify a cap as 2.5. In this case, the Crusher will run two times, and a final time with 0.5 as the Rate Scalar.
  • Mining objects now operate under speedup/slowdown and execution rates other than one second.
  • Valve AMO now has an additional type, Interpolate, where the valve position can be characterized by user defined interpolation data.
  • New optional Mechanical model added to Valve AMO allowing the user to specify Backlash/Stiction as well as Slew to add a more realistic mechanical behavior.
  • Rapid Modeler block added to standard block library. This block rapidly computes the model between a % process variable and a fast change in disturbance variable.
  • Vessel object now has a new mass integration system allowing the separate accumulation of liquid and vapor.

Simulation Studio:

  • The Toggle Units and Show Labels (used with graphic drawing mode in AMOs) will now be saved as part of the model.
  • The Bin, Flotation Cell, Mill, Settling Tank and Vessel AMO's now have an initial distribution mechanism based on either Rosin-Rammler or Gates-Gaudin-Schuhmann models to assist with specification of the initial material.
  • The Stream Detail function has been modified to give the particle distribution as a passing percentage and show the bulk material by default.

PSD View:

  • New display of solid particle distributions within streams can be created by users within a model in Simulation Studio or as a fresh View browsing to collect streams. This View will show the P50 and P80 marks for each size distribution.

The following enhancements/optimizations were implemented:

Mimic Explorer:

  • Added Initiate Communications and Log Errors checkboxes to the multi-node action dialog so the user can change communications/error reporting conditions for a node from the central dialog.
  • Added multi-selection operation (from the right pane or grid) for IO Definitions, Views, Scenarios, Malfunctions, Snapshot Definitions, and Snapshots.
  • Model Revision List can now be saved or printed.
  • Improved simulation node SIOTag cross-referencing to the IO Definitions. This speeds up the process of gathering tag details.
  • Overhauled the Add Existing SIOTag feature by adding checkboxes to allow user selection, and a display of tags to be added, including conflicts. A filter has been added as well to allow faster lookup.
  • Addition of user Preference to allow timestamps to be displayed in a more sort friendly mode.
  • Malfunctions in a Scenario can now be swapped by selecting both and right-clicking to select the menu.
  • New feature added to backup screen to allow the user to open an old backup file, delete an old backup or to get a visual indication that the listed backup file is not present.

Bulk Generation Utility:

  • Pulse Count Input block’s PV_Scale attributes are now available to be altered.
  • Additional command line arguments added to allow IO Definitions to be generated by command line.

DeltaV FHX Utility:

  • Replace default names of OPC Servers with the name of the OPC Server defined in the FHX.
  • Help contents launched from application and now include custom modeling.

Simulation Engine:

  • Cyclones now function within the Pressure Flow Solver system and the number of Cyclone Clusters has been increased from 40 to 100.
  • Deadtime block now includes a type to allow fixed or variable time.
  • Steam Header object now supports execution times faster than 1 second and speedup/slowdown.
  • Streams have been updated to enhance performance and improve ability to add new systems and additional unit blocks easier for future updates.
  • Pump AMO now adds a direct solution method which will improve performance of the pump functionality.

Simulation Studio:

  • Streams now show an additional pressure parameter, i.e., pressure adjusted for the elevation changes between inlet and outlet of the stream.

VIM Bridge:

  • Configurable poll rates for Foundation Fieldbus device reporting. Users can now select poll rate of 100ms to the default of 1000ms.


  • When reading OPC Values, verifications will now fail if the data quality is bad.

OTM Engine:

  • Improved Snapshot operation error reporting to give more detailed information

The Following Defects Corrected

Simulation Engine:

  • PCI block rate did not work when executing model at anything other than 1 second.
  • Compressor generated an invalid flow rate and pressure based on incorrect configuration settings.
  • Improved Snapshot/Restore/Resume stability when using the Pressure Flow Solver,
  • Improved Stream calculations to utilize an internal cache for items like Reynolds number, pressure drop and velocity change for a more reliable result in several AMO's as well as in other Streams.
  • Backlash/Stiction did not properly initialize the pre-stroke delay in the standard block. This impacted the Backlash/Stiction functionality in the Valve AMO as well.
  • Use of the External Activity reference in the Distillation Column and Stripper objects would erroneously report that the reference could not be resolved.
  • Corrected Furnace grate calculations to properly size the internal number of segments.
  • Corrected pressure and pressure drop values as read from OPC or Parameter references. The units were being converted properly. Instead of using the engine units for pressure as the reference, length units were being used which would not convert and always reported the values in kPa (engine units.)
  • Corrected multi-stage Turbine utilizing the saturation temperature from steam tables with the incorrect units.
  • Removed Design Pressure/Design Temperature from Streams as they were not providing any additional benefit.
  • CSTR AMO's HOLDUP_ parameters now correctly read data when referenced by IPARAMs.
  • Air Cooled Dynamic Heat Exchanger will now correctly have its Process_Press_Drop read by an IPARAM.
  • Correction to gas Turbine enthalpy calculation for the inlet stream.
  • Update to values read from AMO's to show the correct units on initial download instead of showing the value in the engine’s native units.
  • Correction to DTB block to reset to normal states after Override_Enable or an OTM failure had been activated on the block.
  • When the hopper volume exceeded the Crusher volume while the flow rate also exceeded the Crusher capacity, both scalar limits were applied. This caused the throughput to fall geometrically.
  • Corrected Stream issue where the choked flow flag was set even with liquid flow.
  • Correction to Bioreactor AMO to no longer require a sparge line to be attached.
  • Correction to Bin AMO to prevent a reset when a model used in the configuration of the Bin is downloaded.
  • A Bin AMO with no initial mass will no longer refuse to execute.
  • Correction to Pump object to provide consistent flow during initial conditions and improve calculation times.
  • MEMI2 models may now be set to any scan group for execution rate updates.
  • Stream Reference block now shows values based on the units read from the Stream being referenced instead of engine’s units.
  • Steam Header PSV flow no longer has flow when the PSV Cv and Gain are set to zero.
  • Pipe Delay Block static delay time now correctly compensates for model execution time.
  • Steam Block SAT_TEMP attribute may now be correctly referenced or wired instead of always reporting 0

DeltaV FHX Utility:

  • Corrected issue where two distinct SIOTags could be created with duplicate item paths.
  • Correction for connection to database after installing Mimic and a subsequent machine name change.
  • Correction to generate Virtual Controller tags when the OPC IO definition is not selected.
  • AS-i devices now correctly parse output addresses.

OPC Bridge:

  • Corrected condition where two distinct SIOTags have duplicate item paths. This would cause only one tag to update. Data direction of SIOTags will now determine functionality. Read tags will both be updated but a duplicate write tag will be flagged with an error during initiation of communications.

DeltaV Railbus Bridge:

  • Correction to serial/programmable serial card emulation for floating point datasets where registers 26-50 were not updated and reported to DeltaV.

Mimic Explorer:

  • References tests would not pick up references in the following blocks and their configuration items: Bioreactor: Growth and Substrate kinetics, and sparge definition
  • Flotation Cell: Attachment data
  • Screen: Mesh data for each screen
  • Settling Tank: Flocculation Data
  • Corrected the database upgrade selection dialog that would lead to an error message if the New Database path was started and then cancelled.
  • Corrected Import to prevent SIOTags with duplicate names in the same IO Definition from being brought in. Also updated was the Bulk Generation Utility so duplicate names are not created.
  • VIMs with non-simulation firmware can no longer be commissioned with Mimic Explorer to prevent users from attempting this. The VIMNet Explorer must be used.
  • Correctly preventing the user from double-clicking on a card in a DeltaV Railbus IO Definition and disabling that card if the IO Definition is in use communicating with a VIM.
  • Import of DeltaV Railbus IO Definition using the merge function will now correctly add new Foundation Fieldbus block links to the definition.

Simulation Studio:


  • Units in Bioreactor Kinetics Tuning window showed internal engine units for temperature instead of user’s selected units.

Advanced Turbine:

  • Corrected condition where user defined units were not being propagated to the Coefficient Worksheet.
  • Added a component set assignment to the Coefficient Worksheet when it is configured for Gas instead of Steam to properly calculate necessary properties to determine the coefficients.
  • Removed Condensation parameter of the Turbine object when its type is Gas.
  • Correction to the displayed units of the Moment of Inertia parameter.

Steam Header:

  • PSV_Flow value now correctly displays data from the engine.
  • Corrected copy/paste between models to prevent the pasted blocks from being placed outside the visible region.
  • Correction to Vessel with Jacket/Coil with Volume heat exchanger no longer appears to have 5 HX_IN/OUT pairs when referencing the Vessel.

Bulk Generation Utility:

  • Correction to utility to prevent a possible crash. Additional data validation added to generation routines to remove white-space characters from names.
  • Data validation to check for duplicate SIOTags for ABB 800Xa, Open OPC, RS Logix Emulate, and TI5XX.


  • -S (Silent) command line option was not always observed
  • Correction to number of executions which will now execute each of the runs instead of stopping after the first execution.

Data View:

  • Modification to correctly show pinned rows after changing filter conditions from one type to another and back again.
  • Update displayed row count when a new filter query is applied that has no records. Displayed count will no longer show the previous query’s results but the correct count of zero.

EtherNet/IP Bridge:

  • Corrected handling of BOOL arrays.

Ethernet Tagbrowser:

  • Corrected crash on exit with L5K file version 24. STRING data type in some L5K structures was causing parsing issues.

Turbine Performance View:

  • Corrected the graphs to remove the condensate lines when the turbine has been set to Gas type. Also verified data read from the engine.

For any questions about these release notes, please contact us at:

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