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Mimic Simulation Software v3.6.3.1 Release Notes
By Dean Cook
Product: Mimic Simulation

The previous general released version is v3.6.3. This release, v3.6.3.1, comprises hot fixes of defects discovered or reported in v3.6.3.

To install this version, please uninstall the existing Mimic v3.6.3 and then install v3.6.3.1. Sites with Mimic older than v3.6.3 may proceed directly to install this version. Installation procedures are documented in the QuickStart Guide.

Upgrade to this release is recommended for all Mimic users.

Release Components:

DeltaV Utility v4.1.49
TagBrowser v3.6.2.3
DeltaV VIM Firmware v2.3.18
DeltaV VIM2 Firmware v2.5.8

The following defects were corrected

DeltaV Railbus VIM Bridge and Driver:

  • A defect was found in handling the Analog Output - 16 Channel, 4-20mA, HART Series 2 Plus card. The defect prevented the communication of HART values to DeltaV and, in some cases, caused a VIM to lockup. This defect impacted both VIM and VIM2. New firmware (included in release) flash is required.

Mimic Explorer:

  • Corrected the copy/export of connection information in a SPA SIMIT IO Definition.
  • Corrected download operation for IPARAM blocks as well as other locations where system localization could cause floating point data values to be parsed incorrectly.

Mimic Logger:

  • Modified the Mimic Logger to prevent potential crash when monitoring another service.

SPA SIMIT* Bridge:

  • Corrected SPA SIMIT communications of freeze/resume and snapshot/restore operations when multiple nodes are involved.

* SIEMENS, SIMATIC, SIMIT, STEP 7, S7-300, and S7-400 are trademarks of Siemens AG or its affiliates in the United State and in other countries

Bulk Generation Utility:

  • Corrected Bulk Generation Utility to handle nested areas for models and command line arguments when handling IO Definitions.

Simulation Engine:

  • Corrected temperature usage of Stream TEE so that the first input is not always the overall temperature especially in the case of no flow through that path.

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