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Mimic v3.5.0 Release Notes
By Noelle Weymer
Product: Mimic Simulation

These release notes are for Mimic General Release v3.5.0.

The previous released version is v3.4.4. The update/installation procedures are documented in the QuickStart Guide. The following is the description of new functionality and enhancements to existing functionality.

Upgrade to this release is recommended for all Mimic users at or prior to v3.4.4 who are current on Mimic Software Support.

New Mimic Capabilities in the Release:

  • Multi-stage Steam Turbine - This is a new Object which provides modeling for a Turbine with up to 100 stages.
  • Continuous Stir Tank Reactor with reaction assistant - This is a new Object which provides reactor modeling. It includes functionality which provides reaction assistance. Based on selected reaction components, the reaction assistant provides details of available reactions which can be user selected for modeling. The reaction phase can be specified as vapor, liquid or combined. The reaction can be homogeneous or heterogeneous and the kinetics for each of the reactions can be specified as reversible or irreversible. 
  • Surface Condenser - This new Object models functionality of a surface condenser. The vapor to be condensed may be steam or other user defined component. The user defined cooling media circulates through a coil. The Object maintains complete VLE for the condensate.
  • Jet Condenser - This new Object models functionality of a jet condenser. The vapor to be condensed may be steam or other user defined component. The user defined cooling media is sprayed into the cooling chamber. The Object maintains complete VLE for the condensate.
  • Vessel with VLE - This new Object models functionality of a dynamic vessel with complete VLE handling of holdup materials.
  • Pipe Delay - This new Object simulates transport delays of material flowing between holdup objects. The delay may be user defined as static or dynamic. Static delay is a fixed time is seconds. Dynamic delay is calculated based on pipe length, diameter, material density, etc.
  • Advanced Source - This new Object behaves as the starting boundary condition of a model. It is an infinite source of material flowing into a model section.
  • Advanced Sink - This new Object behaves as the ending boundary condition of a model. It is an infinite sink of material flowing out of a model section.
  • Flow Calculations based on Velocity head loss coefficients - A new flow calculation method has been added to improve accuracy and to calculate pressure drops.  This flow method is selected at the model level.
  • Model Dependency Viewer - This new application displays a graphical representation of model inter-dependency including bad/missing reference indications.
  • Model version control - This new functionality allows users to manage model revisions. It is not an automated system where changes are tracked. Instead, users can archive/restore revisions manually.
  • Siemens S7 - Modeling support for S7 PLC's has been added. Modeling is done via the Siemens PLCSIM software product which contains the running S7 configuration environment.
  • New Licensing system – A new licensing system has been added. Previously, Mimic used a software only license. That capability has been replaced with a physical USB key. A keyless Mimic installation run in demo mode for 5 minutes. 
  • New Performance View applications for Separator, Reactor and Vessel with VLE - These new applications allow review of dynamics of selected object .

Product Enhancements by Application:

General Enhancements

  • New, updated property database with 1700 components with improved accuracy.
  • A Property Database Editor application so users can add/modify custom components.
  • Improved and optimized inter-process data exchange between Mimic applications.

Component Studio

  • A new Snapshot Control has been added to restore any selected snapshot with a single click.
  • A new OTM Control has been added to operate any selected Scenario. 
  • Direct browsing and linkage of graphic and modeling objects to populate OPC data paths for Pumps, Vessels, etc.
  • Label enhancements to allow users to specify a static label prefix and suffix, dynamic value and engineering units obtained from the Mimic OPC server for the selected item.  
  • New color condition definition dialog to improve ease of use in configuring dynamic display behavior of graphic objects.
  • Copy/Paste of color conditioning configuration from one Pipe to another.
  • New Three-way valve object has been added.

  • New image library mechanism to maintain and manage images used as view background or generic object display customization. The image library is maintained as part of the Component Studio configuration (.CML) file.
  • Heat Exchanger object has been enhanced to include dynamic data display as well as rotation to select position of the tube/shell temperatures, and flow values.
  • Pipes can be defined to draw behind objects at the view level so the display appearance is more elegant.

Simulation Studio

  • User defined output engineering units capability has been added to the Multiply and Divide blocks.
  • The Valve Advanced Modeling Object (AMO) has been updated with the following new capability: 
    1. User defined performance curve; 2. Discrete On/Off valve open condition type.
  • The Vessel AMO has a new jacket/coil heat exchanger which includes heating/cooling media holdup. The heating/cooling media enters/exits the jacket/coil via stream connections.
  • Boiler – A body mass parameter has been added to Superheaters, Economizer and Air Heater.
  • Separator – A new initialization mechanism has been added. This mechanism is dependent on component set used and VLE at selected Pressure-Temperature or Temperature-Level parameters. 
  • A new right-click menu on IPARAM, OPARAM, and SIP blocks to directly open referenced models.
  • Added functionality to the right-click References menu on AMO and function blocks to print or save the generated reference list.
  • New graphical representation mode gives a more recognizable view for Advanced Models.
  • Ability to re-attach destination end of Streams/wires from one point to another. Re-attaching the source end is not currently supported.
  • Fields used to browse and refer to other Mimic tags/references can now be used as static value fields (e.g. Ambient Temperature) by simply entering a numeric value.
  • Read-Only online mode to allow multiple users to view a running model.
  • Context menu added to Curve View application to allow specific x, y values to be entered

Mimic Explorer

  • Import Enhancement to allow users to view and manipulate the incoming items and corresponding changes in a dialog, and to individually select the import action for given item.
  • Ethernet/IP Tagbrowser enhanced to handle various configuration types contained in RSLogix exported L5K file.
  • Bulk Generation Utility enhanced to handle I/O Definitions for DeltaV OPC, DeltaV CHARMS, and Siemens S7

Mimic Test Bench

  • Added new Call function which allows user to call other tests or other applications within the script

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