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Mimic v3.6.1 Release Notes
By Dean Cook
Product: Mimic Simulation

These release notes are for Mimic v3.6.1.

The previous general released version is v3.6.0. This release, v3.6.1, includes functionality enhancements and corrections to issues discovered or reported in v3.6.0.

The update/installation procedures are documented in the QuickStart Guide. The following is the description of added new functionality, enhancements to existing functionality, and issue corrections.

Upgrade to this release is recommended for all Mimic users.

New Functionality

RSEmulate Simulated IO Bridge:

This new SIO bridge connects Mimic to the latest version of Rockwell’sRSLogix5000 Emulate v20 or later, which will be released later this year. Included with this bridge is the functionality to freeze/snapshot/resume Mimic coordinated with RSLogix5000 Emulate v20. This SIO Bridge with RSEmulate provides advanced functionality for Operator Training Systems. This SIO bridge uses OPC v3.0 or lower, for realtime IO communications.

Mimic and RSEmulate may reside on the same PC in is the default installation. If RSEmulate is installed on a different PC, the Mimic Endpoint service must be installed with it to allow the bridge to perform freeze/snapshot/resume services remotely. Installer for the Mimic Endpoint service is included in the Mimic distribution.

Also included with this SIO bridge is a bulk generation mechanism to create the corresponding IO Definition from CSV files.

TI 5XX Simulated IO Bridge:

This new SIO bridge connects Mimic to TI 5xx PLCs using either TBP or NITP ASCII protocols via RS-232 serial ports. Also included with this bridge is a bulk generation mechanism to create the corresponding IO Definition from CSV files. TBP and NITP are proprietary TI / Siemens communications protocols and stand for Transparent Byte Protocol and Non Intelligent Terminal Protocol, respectively.

Enhancements from Previous Versions

Component Studio:

  • Changed CML image format to PNG internally to save file space for the Image Library. Resaving existing CML files will reduce their size because of this enhancement. Furthermore, the Image Library now shows greater details about each image including the objects that use the image. All other functionality remains the same.

Simulation Engine:

  • Desuperheater Advanced Modeling Object- Modified to work with user defined component sets if WATER is present and is at least 90% of the component stream. Consequently, the Desuperheater can now be used for applications other than Boiler/Steam.
  • Bioreactor Advanced Modeling Object- Added parameters to see Sparge rate after mass transfer and the waste gas bubble concentration.


Data View:

  • AO Blocks - Corrected issue causing Increase_To_Close parameter to not update. The displayed value was not tied to the real data. Instead it was just an incorrect static value.

Simulation Engine:

  • Calc Blocks - Corrected a continuous running memory allocation (memory leak) if the calc expression in the block was in error. Specifically, if the expression contained block references with invalid paths, there was a very slow memory leak. Stopping the Node freed up the allocated memory.
  • Bioreactor Advanced Modeling Object – Corrected Agitator conditional section and O2 Mass Transfer calculation. Due to unit conversion for O2, the Power Factor applied to the gassed power must be reduced. Also corrected the number of pressure drops available for proper flow solver execution behavior.
  • Pump/Compressor Advanced Modeling Objects – Corrected to update within the Pressure Flow Network solver.
  • Snapshot Restore - Corrected a memory leak.
  • Corrected memory leaks related to loss of communications between Simulation Engine and other Mimic applications.

Custom Units Utility:

  • Update for Misc. Units to automatically convert them from factor of zero. User can manually correct these as well by setting the custom category to non Misc, and assigning a 1 to the factor. Then return the custom unit to Misc type.

VIM Bridge:

  • Corrected defect to prevent multiple users from accidentally acquiring the same VIM twice on communications startup. Mimic ACS is now used to control VIM resource usage.

Mimic Explorer:

  • Added retry mechanism to engine notification when switching a database to allow the Simulation Engine time to switch to new custom components.
  • Added correction to prevent users from creating Areas with blank names and prevent the Add Area or Model dialog from contributing to this issue.
  • Update to the Add Existing SIOTags menu item from the Simulation Node. The Initialization Items are no longer visible while browsing for SIOTags in the IO Definitions.
  • Import of partial export of the Initialization Items for IO Definitions was being skipped if no initialization items were present in the existing definition.
  • Update to Malfunctions to correct OPC browsing for Write values system.

Mimic OPC Server:

  • Update to browse space builder to prevent database lag.

Component Studio:

  • Added correction to prevent some combinations of read-only and/or access control restrictions causing the OPC manager to run twice on the same object resulting in (among other things) loss of the units field on the graphic object during run-time.

Model Dependency Viewer:

  • Fixed crash if a reference included a sub-attribute to an attribute with no subs at all.


  • Prevent recursive calls to launching applications
  • Log information written out immediately to prevent loss if TestBench is halted or exits ungracefully.

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