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Modbus TCP/IP Driver for DeltaV VIM2
By Jay Chard
Product: DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

The Virtual I/O Module 2 (VIM2) with Modbus TCP/IP Master Driver supports the following Modbus communications protocol function codes to read and write values to and from a Modbus slave device, as specified by the Modbus Application Protocol Specification from

The VIM2 Modbus TCP/IP Driver supports the following Modbus function codes:

  • Code 1 - Read Coil Status
  • Code 2 - Read Input Status
  • Code 3 - Read Holding Registers
  • Code 4 - Read Input Registers
  • Code 5 - Force Single Coil
  • Code 6 - Preset Single Register
  • Code 8 - Diagnostic Loop Back Test
  • Code 15 - Force Multiple Coils
  • Code 16 - Preset Multiple Registers
Industrial Ethernet Integration to DeltaV Using the Virtual IO Module 2 Network Gateway

Key Features of the Modbus TCP/IP Driver for VIM2

The VIM2 can function as both a Modbus TCP/IP master and slave simultaneously. Master or slave mode is set at the virtual port level. In master-only mode, this driver can communicate with a maximum of 96 slave devices. Systems that use both master and slave mode can communicate with a maximum of 16 slaves and 32 masters at the same time. In simplex applications, the VIM can act in master and/or slave mode. For redundant applications, only master mode is supported.

Native DeltaV IO Data Definition - Using the Modbus TCP/IP Driver, the VIM2 appears to the DeltaV controller as four Programmable Serial Interface Cards (PSICs).

Intuitive Setup - VIMNet Explorer makes setup of the VIM2 easy and intuitive. Graphical, drag-and-drop functionality makes setting up the VIM2 configuration quick and easy.

Expanded Device Capacity - Using the DeltaV Serial card definition, a maximum of 96 devices can be configured per VIM2 (32 devices in redundant mode).

Expanded Data Capacity - Each configured DeltaV Serial card dataset can support 100 16-bit registers.

Flexible Networking - User configurable IP addressing allows the VIM2 to be used in almost any plant environment regardless of networking scheme. The VIM2 TCP/IP configuration page allows the user to specify the VIM2 IP address, Subnet Mask, and Router address.

Module Redundancy - Four redundant PSIC pairs are emulated when 2 VIM2s are installed side-by-side and configured as a redundant pair (Master mode only).

Modular Rugged Package - The DeltaV VIM2 mounts in the same manner as the DeltaV controller. It mounts in the controller slot of a DeltaV 2-wide horizontal or 4-wide vertical carrier and uses a standard DeltaV Power Supply. The advanced design of the DeltaV VIM2 will provide years of uninterrupted use.

VIM2 Product Description & Specifications

The VIM2 mounts on a 2-wide carrier on the left-hand-side of the DeltaV controller. A dedicated DeltaV power supply is required. The DeltaV Controller auto-senses a commissioned VIM2 as 4 DeltaV Programmable Serial Cards in slots 57-60 or 61-64.

More information: DeltaV Virtual IO Module Network Gateway Specifications

VIM2 Driver Software Support

Software Support for the Modbus TCP/IP Driver for DeltaV VIM2 is included in the initial driver purchase for the first year from the date of shipment, and includes driver revision updates and technical support.

More information: VIM2 Driver Software Support Service

Ordering Information

The product numbers in the table below are for the complete DeltaV VIM2 Network Gateway. For each DeltaV VIM2 a Software License must be purchased. The VIMNet Explorer is included with each complete purchase. All software is distributed is subject to MYNAH Technologies Software License Agreement. A completed MYNAH software registration form is required before shipment. One year of technical support from the date of shipment is included with each purchase.

Hardware Module:

VE4026 DeltaV Virtual IO Module 2 (M Series VIM2), Manufactured by Emerson
SE4027 DeltaV Virtual IO Module 2 (S Series VIM2), Manufactured by Emerson

Software Licenses:

IOD-4111 Modbus TCP/IP Driver for DeltaV VIM2

IOD-4111 Release Notes


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