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ModbusTCP VIM v3.10.16 Release Notes
By Noelle Weymer
Product: IOD-4101 - Modbus TCP/IP Master Driver (General Modbus TCP/IP Communications)

The following release notes are for the ModbusTCP VIM firmware v3.10.16.

Product Description:

These release notes are for the ModbusTCP VIM firmware v3.10.16. The previous released firmware version is v3.10.14. The flash procedure is documented in the product manual. This version of the firmware is identical to the released firmware v3.10.14, with functionality enhancements and corrected defects as noted below.

Note: Flashing a VIM from v3.8.8 (and earlier) to v3.10.16 will result in VIM decommissioning itself upon flash completion. The VIM must be commissioned and uploaded again.

Who should upgrade?

  1. Recommended for all Modbus TCP Simplex applications.
  2. Mandatory for all Redundant VIM applications.

What’s New in This Release?


The following defects were corrected:

1. VIM Slave functionality. Slave connections were held open for three (3) seconds after the Master had sent the close command. The expected functionality is that the VIM must close its connection immediately on receipt of the Masters close command.

2. VIM/VIM communications timing. In redundant VIM applications, the VIM’s communicate with each other using the RJ11 serial interlink. These communications had an intermittent loss of packet due to message timeouts. The timeout value has been increased to prevent this issue from occurring.

3. Standby VIM ping failure handling when using Ethernet/Serial converters. In redundant VIM applications where Ethernet/Serial converters are used, or where the field device is non-redundant, there were intermittent ping failures. The failures occurred due to a conflict between the ping request and the low level ARP table status update in the field device. A retry mechanism has been implemented to force the field device to update its ARP table before a ping loss is declared by the VIM.

4. Network communication resources depletion. In redundant VIM applications with heavy field communications to simplex devices via Ethernet/Serial converters, it is possible to eventually deplete network communications resources which will cause complete loss of field devices. A symptom of this issue is that both VIM’s may enter into Standby state with field device connection failures. Available resources have been doubled to correct this failure.

The following enhancements were implemented:


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