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ModbusTCP VIM v3.10.52 Release Notes
By Nobin William
Product: IOD-4101 - Modbus TCP/IP Master Driver (General Modbus TCP/IP Communications)

The following release notes are for the ModbusTCP VIM firmware v3.10.52.

Product Description

These release notes are for the ModbusTCP VIM firmware v3.10.52. The previous released firmware version is v3.10.51. The flash procedure is documented in the product manual. This version of the firmware is identical to the released firmware v3.10.51, with functionality enhancements and corrected defects as noted below.

Who Should Upgrade?

Recommended for all Modbus TCP applications.

Redundancy Defects Corrected

The defect emerges only if the device IP addresses remain available on the network, even though the underlying Modbus Server is not available.

VIMNet Explorer device configuration:

DeltaV configuration: Device dataset configured with Special Data 5=256 to force one-to-one communications This is a special configuration for HIMA HIMax PLC communications.

In this issue, if VIM-A is Active and communicating with HIMA PLC IP-A, then a VIM switchover did not occur on loss of the Modbus Server, e.g., when user started flashing new firmware into the PLC. It was noted that the IP was still available on the network and the VIM entered a mode where it was continuously trying to connect and communicate. This issue has been corrected and the VIM will now switchover.

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