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ModbusTCP VIM2 4.5.2 Release Notes
By Nobin William
Product: IOD-4111 - Modbus TCP IP Driver for DeltaV VIM2

These release notes are for the ModbusTCP VIM2 firmware v4.5.2. Previous released driver is v4.5.1. The flash procedure is documented in the product manual.

If upgrading the VIM2 from firmware v4.2.0 or earlier, follow the procedure below:

  1. Flash VIM's at v4.2.0 to v4.2.1
  2. If v4.2.1 is unavailable, first flash the VIM2 to Simulation v2.5.5*
  3. Flash to v4.5.2

If upgrading the VIM2 from simulation firmware v2.5.4 or earlier, follow the two step procedure below:

  1. Flash VIM's to v2.5.5*.
  2. Once the VIM's are at v2.5.5, flash to v4.5.2

Note that when flashing the firmware to v4.5.2 from any version prior to v4.4.1, the VIM will decommission itself. This is due to the device database size change in the VIM.

*Contact Mynah Technologies Technical Support to get Simulation firmware v2.5.5.

Who Should Upgrade?

Mandatory for all Modbus TCP VIM2 installations using firmware v4.4.0 through v4.5.1, with applications which communicate with Quantum HSBY (Hot Standby) systems. Users with simplex devices, or other redundancy architectures (i.e., non Quantum HSBY chassis) are not impacted.

Recommended for all other users.

Defects Corrected

Quantum redundancy with hot standby chassis employs switching IP addresses where the active PLC chassis always has the same Primary IP address and the standby PLC chassis always has the same Secondary IP address. On chassis switchover, the IP addresses also switch, and the new active PLC chassis assumes the primary IP address. Consequently, communications with the VIMs always use the same Primary IP address.

In this architecture, a Quantum PLC is usually configured as a redundant device with option “Redundancy with Switching IP” in VIMNet Explorer, as shown below:

This functionality is defective in the affected firmware versions.

When “Redundancy with Switching IP” is configured, the active VIM is expected to always communicate with the PLC active chassis Primary IP address. MYNAH Technologies has confirmed this defect where the active VIM is incorrectly sending read/ write commands to the Secondary IP address (which corresponds to the inactive chassis). The Secondary IP responds to the read/write requests normally and so no issue will be detected in DeltaV. When a write message is sent, the Secondary IP will acknowledge the write but will not update the provided register, resulting in “silent” write failures in DeltaV.

This defect has been corrected in this firmware version, v4.5.2.

Workaround and Solution for affected firmware versions v4.5.1 and below

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