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My Account at Features and Directions
By Martin Berutti
Product: Mimic Simulation

MYNAH users can now view their software licenses, start support tickets, download software and other documents by registering for a user login to My Account at

User accounts are available to all users of MYNAH products and MYNAH business partners. My Account at MYNAH.COM allows you to:

  • View Mimic Software Licenses (sites) and software registration details
  • View and download License certificates and license validation files
  • Start and monitor support tickets with MYNAH's Application Engineering staff
  • Download the latest versions of Mimic for those current on Mimic Software Support
  • Download VIMNet Explorer and PLC Explorer Utilities

MYNAH Software Licenses (Site) on My Account at

Every MYNAH Software License (Site) can now be viewed online by the registered users of that software license. Information available under Software Licenses includes:

  • Detailed Site information including base license size and registration information
  • Software license certificate and validation files for viewing and download
  • Software distribution downloads (Mimic users must be current on Mimic Software Support)
  • List of registered users to the software license.
  • List of purchase orders associated with the software license
  • Links to all support tickets associated with the software license
Software License (Site) example on

MYNAH Support Tickets on My Account at

MYNAH Support Tickets allow the user to start and manage requests for support on MYNAH products on-line. My Account on supports:

  • User-friendly ticket submission form
  • Bidirectional information exchange between the user and the MYNAH application engineer
  • Active monitoring of all support tickets for updates by the MYNAH application engineer
  • Email notifications sent any time a ticket is updated by the user or MYNAH Application Engineer
  • Support ticket traceability and archiving for future access

Support Ticket example on

Getting Started with My Account at

MYNAH Technologies webmaster will activate all My Account logins. All existing accounts at have been deactivated; all users must register for a My Account on Please follow the steps below to register for your My Account:

  1. Enter in your web browser.
  2. Select the Menu button in the top left, find the Client Login under Resources menu, and click Register.
  3. Read the disclaimer, complete all required information fields, and click the “Create new account” button.
  4. Account activation is now pending and will be activated by the MYNAH webmaster. You will receive an account pending email in your recently registered email.
  5. Once the account is approved, an email with a link for a one time login will be sent which will redirect you to a webpage to set your password. After changes have been saved, you may login anytime to your newly created account with your email and password from the login section of the website.

Congratulations! You are now ready to use My Account at MYNAH.COM!

Once logged on, locate the My Account section of the website to utilize the new features. Support tickets may be generated from the “Open Support Ticket” link and monitored from the tabs on the “My Account” page link. All attached Sites for the user are also listed on the “My Account” page link. Software Licenses (sites) can viewed under the Software Licenses link.

If you have any questions or suggestions on My Account at, please email us at