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ODVA EtherNet/IP VIM2 v1.3.16 Release Notes
By Nobin William
Product: IOD-4116 - ODVA Driver for DeltaV VIM2

These release notes are for ODVA EtherNet/IP VIM2 firmware v1.3.16. The previous general release was v1.3.15. See the product manual for the flash procedure.

Release Components

IOD-4116 ODVA EtherNet/IP Driver v1.3.16

Who Should Upgrade?

Required for all ODVA EtherNet/IP users.

What's New in this Release?

Corrections were made related to the handling of “configured but not present” field devices.

Defects Corrected:

1. There is a remote chance that the memory used for two IO Scanner connections could overlap. This causes the wrong input or output data to be used. The issue has a chance of occurring every time an IO Scanner connection is opened. While a field device is configured but not present on the network, the VIM is opening the connection every 10 seconds. There is no chance of it happening while all the configured connections are online or disabled. The problem is a very complex timing issue, induced by multiple components including:

  • The number of devices configured but not present.
  • Variations in the amount of IO configured in each device.
  • The order of the device polling.
  • Timing of the device polling, network traffic, and device responses.

2. Stale data exhibited when using Serial Card mapping. If the following conditions were true the latest data from the field was not always being reported to the controller.

  • Dataset was not configured for periodic reporting (Special Data 1)
  • High load on the controller backplane
  • Changes occur infrequently in the field IO data

Subsequent data change events in the field after the backplane loading subsided would allow all data to reach the controller.

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