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ODVA EtherNet/IP VIM2 v1.3.8 Release Notes
By Nobin William
Product: IOD-4116 - ODVA Driver for DeltaV VIM2

These release notes are for ODVA EtherNet/IP VIM2 firmware v1.3.8. The previous general release was v1.3.7. See the product manual for the flash procedure.

Release Components

IOD-4116 ODVA EtherNet/IP Driver v1.3.8

Who Should Upgrade?

Recommended for all EtherNet/IP users.

Defects Corrected:

A defect was identified when the VIM2 connections are configured as Class1 Scanner type. All communications are normal when the VIM2 starts up following a reboot. However, on loss of communications, e.g., via cable disconnect and subsequent reconnect, the connection is not restored as expected. The VIM2 continues reconnection attempts but fails and the connection datasets/signals remain in error. This defect has been corrected.