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Release Notes
PLC Explorer v5.0.5.8 Release Notes
By Geoff Nash
Product: IOD-5101 - PLC IO Interface for GE Genius Remote IO License

These release notes are for changes made to the PIO configuration utility PLC Explorer, version The
previous released firmware version is

Who should upgrade?

This release RECOMMENDED for all users of the AB and GE PIO firmware. This is REQUIRED for users using
the PowerTrac Block with version 3.0 firmware or users experiencing problems resolved here.

Corrected Issues:

Allen Bradley 1771 PLC IO Interface 

  • User defined modules in AB PIO: Allow configuration write parameters to range from -32768 to 32767 (previous -32767 to 32767)
  • Also corrected 1/2 slot addressing to allow 32-bit modules to be added to slots.
  • Disable writes to global dataset, this is to prevent possible instance loss of communications in unit immediately following configuration download (DeltaV may write a 0 to run mode status register), requiring a reboot following download.

GE Genius IO PLC IO Interface

  • Enabled Configuration of PowerTrac module extended registers (this was two registers short using IO polling). Now support capture either 38 or 62 (version 3.0 of block) byte ranges.

All units

  • Set default GE, S908, and AB watchdog timeouts to 1000 from 500, this may be overwritten in card configuration dialog.


Product Enhancements

  • Added configuration and download capability for new AB 1771 “pseudo” pulse monitor module.