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PLC IO Interface for GE Genius IO Firmware v1.2.2 Release Notes
By Geoff Nash
Product: IOD-5101 - PLC IO Interface for GE Genius Remote IO License

The firmware release applies to all installations of the PLC IO Interface for GE Genius and ABB TRIO IO.

Product Description

  • These release notes are for changes made to the PLC IO Interface for Genius IO firmware v1.2.2. The previous general released firmware version is v1.2.1. The upgrade flash procedure is documented in the product manual.

Who Should Upgrade 

  • This firmware release is recommended for all PLC IO Interface for GE Genius users at firmware v1.2.2

The Following Defects Were Corrected

  • Corrected configuration capture, there was a timing issue that sometimes prevented the capture of fast Modbus TCP/IP messages. A limit to the response to Modbus/TCP message was added that will allow the process thread to continue processing even if the unit is flooded with Modbus/TCP messages.
  • Enabled PowerTrac module extended registers (this was two registers short using IO polling).  Now supports capture either 38 or 62 (version 3.0 of block) byte ranges.

The Following Enhancements Were Implemented

  • None