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Product Support Transition
By Jay Chard
Product: Mimic Simulation

As you are aware, MYNAH Technologies was acquired by Emerson last year. As part of this change, we are able to bring you new levels of lifecycle services. Mimic Simulation Software customers can now enjoy the benefits of a single support service platform.

Starting January 8, 2018, Mimic Simulation Software distribution and licensing registration will be available within the Emerson Guardian Support System. Also, users with active Guardian Support for Mimic can start and monitor support requests and download the latest versions of products.

Guardian Support will manage licensing registration, support, and distribution of all active Industrial Ethernet Driver (VIM) and Programmable Serial Driver products as well.

Register or login at

Below are details of the program:

Guardian Features

  • View Mimic Software Licenses (sites) and software registration details
  • View and download license certificates and licensing validation files
  • Start and monitor support tickets with Emerson 24/7 Tech Support staff
  • Download the latest versions of Mimic for those current on Mimic Software Support
  • Download VIM Drivers and VIMNet Explorer for DeltaV VIM users via new DeltaV System tagged KBAs content (support tickets, KBAs, VIM software media, Serial Driver media, etc.) will gradually become available within Guardian’s Knowledge Base Article (KBA) system. To support customer ease-of-accessibility, will remain available until all content has been successfully transitioned and validated.

Who is Impacted?

All active Mimic and VIM users, customers, and partners currently using to access licensing and support options.

Timing of the Change?

Monday, January 8, 2018 – 8:00AM CST (UTC -0600).

What You Need to Do:

The transition will happen automatically. If you are a current Guardian customer, all you need to do is note your new system ID (details below) and start using the Guardian Support portal. If you are not a Guardian customer, please visit: to sign up for access.

System ID Changes:

Mimic Users: Take note of current XXXXXXXX site IDs. The equivalent Guardian Mimic System IDs will transition to 0028-XXXX-XXXX (e.x., Site ID 1234 will become System ID 0028-0100-1234).

VIM Users: Reference your DeltaV System ID for VIM product information.

For new Guardian access please visit:


Please contact us with any questions or concerns about this transition.

New Single Point-of-Contact for Factory Support/Service via Emerson Service Center
E-Mail: or
Guardian Support:
Phone: 1-800-833-8314