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PROFINET Driver for VIM2 v1.1.1 Release Notes
By Nobin William
Product: IOD-4117 - Profinet Driver for DeltaV VIM2

These notes are for firmware v1.1.1. Previous released version was v1.1.0. This firmware conforms to v2.2 of the PROFINET protocol standard.

Release Components

IOD-4117 PROFINET Driver v1.1.1

Flash Procedure

If your VIM2 is at the factory default simulation firmware level or an older version of a network gateway, you must usea two step flash procedure as follows:

1. Flash the VIM2 (with any existing firmware) to Simulation firmware using the file: Simulation-Vim2-v256.hex or later
2. Flash the VIM2 a second time using the file: PROFINET-Vim2-v111.hex

If your VIM2 is currently at PROFINET firmware v1.0.0 or later, you can flash to v1.1.1 directly using the file: PROFINET-Vim2-v111.hex

Who Should Upgrade?

Required for all redundant DeltaV controller installations
Recommended for all PROFINET users

What’s New in This Release?

This firmware includes fixes for output signal status when a redundant DeltaV controller switches. It includes enhancements to improve the diagnostic feedback.

Corrected Defects

After a redundant DeltaV controller switchover, the output signals have a bad status. (DD-425, Ticket 22362)

Enhancements Implemented

When the VIM times out waiting for messages from the DeltaV controller (i.e., VIM failsafe mode) it now keeps the Profinet Application Relationship (AR) open and sets all the output data to a bad status. It also reports that the controller is in stop mode. The original behavior was to terminate the AR. The new behavior allows for an easier diagnosis of the issue. It also allows IO Devices to react to the situation differently than an IO timeout. (Ticket 22362, DD-415, DD-422)

The VIM now sets the status of output signals based on the Profinet IOCS feedback from the IO Device. The previous behavior was to always set output signals good while the VIM and DeltaV configurations match. (DD-287)

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