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ProSys and MYNAH Enhance Strategic Partnership, Focusing on Petrochemical and Refining
By Noelle Weymer
Product: Mimic Simulation

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(December 15, 2016) -- MYNAH Technologies announces enhanced strategic partnership with ProSys, a leader in Dynamic Alarm Management, to bring operator training and certification services to the process industries, specifically the petrochemical and refining in the Gulf Coast and Europe. MYNAH and ProSys announced their original partnership in September of 2014.

This enhanced partnership continues to provide a unique offering of MYNAH’s Mimic Simulation Software and dynamic model engineering services with ProSys operations optimization and training services. ProSys develops training scenarios that are specific to operating processes, incorporating over 30 years of company experience and top-class Chemical Engineers to perfect the process.

In addition to using the Mimic Simulation Software for training purposes, ProSys also uses it for testing of alarm management within plants. ProSys will also continue to utilize Mimic to better predict and eliminate errors in alarm management systems.

This enhanced partnership allows the proven value of dynamic simulation to be even more accessible to the Petrochemical and Refining industries, particularly in the US Gulf Coast. As these industries continue to grow, so do the incredible operational challenges they face. Working together, ProSys and MYNAH address these challenges and reduce the risk and complexity, increasing the profitability of these plants.

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“We are very excited to deepen our partnership with ProSys”, said Mart Berutti, President and COO of MYNAH Technologies. “Life Cycle Dynamic Simulation with Mimic complements their industry leadership in improving plant operations with dynamic alarm management and advanced process control. Dustin Beebe is a visionary voice in the automation industry and we are honored to work with him and his talented team.”

MYNAH will now have a Gulf Coast Sales & Service office located within ProSys’ Baton Rouge, LA and Houston, TX offices, as well as a European Sales & Service office located within ProSys’ Hürth, Germany office.

“We are pleased to have MYNAH on-site in our facilities worldwide,” commented Dustin Beebe, President and CEO of ProSys. “This provides a great environment for collaboration and improvement of our operator excellence solutions. These simulations help to keep plants safe by providing much needed training for operators in advance of any incidents that can occur, especially during startup and shutdown. Our Dynamic Alarm Management solution also aids the operator in critical modes of plant operation. MYNAH’s Dynamic Simulation compliments our Procedural Automation and Dynamic Alarm Management Solutions from design through testing and operator training. This is especially true in transition of state situations, such as large disturbances, which is when the operator needs the alarm system the most, and the plant is at most risk.”

About MYNAH Technologies
MYNAH Technologies, LLC is a leading provider of life cycle dynamic simulation used for automation system acceptance testing and operator training in the process industry. MYNAH’s Mimic Simulation Software provides an easy-to-use, multi-purpose dynamic simulation for complete plant life-cycle optimization. It is used in more than 1,400 sites in 68 countries worldwide ranging from hydrocarbon production and refining to chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. MYNAH Technologies’ headquarters is located in the St. Louis metropolitan area, in Chesterfield, Missouri, USA.

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About ProSys
ProSys delivers high-quality, cost-effective, innovative process control systems, consulting services and product solutions to the international energy, refining, petrochemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper and chemical industries. ProSys’ expertise and experience cover the full range of modern control system technology, including basic control, advanced regulatory control, procedural automation, alarm management software, optimization and multivariable control. For more information, visit Connect with ProSys on Twitter @ProSysCom or LinkedIn.

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