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Rockwell PLC EtherNet/IP Driver for DeltaV VIM2
By Jay Chard
Product: IOD-4112 - Rockwell PLC EtherNet/IP Driver for DeltaV VIM2

The Virtual I/O Module 2 (VIM2) with the EtherNet/IP Scanner Driver provides the following compatible functions using the Control and Information Protocol (CIP) as defined in the EtherNet/IP Specification from Open DeviceNet Vendor Association & ControlNet International.

Using the Rockwell PLC EtherNet/IP Driver, DeltaV Controllers can read and write signals from plant floor PLCs that support EtherNet/IP, such as PLC5, SLC505, MicroLogix, CompactLogix, and ControlLogix, using native DeltaV IO structures.

Industrial Ethernet Integration to DeltaV Using the Virtual IO Module 2 Network Gateway

Key Features of the PLC EtherNet/IP Driver for VIM2

This driver is available as a scanner or as generic adapter. Systems using either mode can communicate with a maximum of 32 devices at the same time.

Native DeltaV IO Data Definition - Using the Rockwell PLC EtherNet/IP Driver, the VIM2 appears to the DeltaV controller as four Programmable Serial Interface Cards (PSICs).

Intuitive Setup - VIMNet Explorer makes setup of the VIM2 easy and intuitive. Graphical, drag-and-drop functionality makes setting up the VIM2 configuration quick and easy.

Expanded Device Capacity - Using the DeltaV Serial card definition, a maximum of 32 devices can be configured per VIM2 (16 devices in redundant mode).

Expanded Data Capacity - Each configured DeltaV Serial card dataset can support 100 16-bit registers.

Flexible Networking - User configurable IP addressing allows the VIM2 to be used in almost any plant environment regardless of networking scheme. The VIM2 TCP/IP configuration page allows the user to specify the VIM2 IP address, Subnet Mask, and Router address.

Module Redundancy - Four redundant PSIC pairs are emulated when 2 VIM2s are installed side-by-side and configured as a redundant pair (UCMM messaing only).

Modular Rugged Package - The DeltaV VIM2 mounts in the same manner as the DeltaV controller. It mounts in the controller slot of a DeltaV 2-wide horizontal or 4-wide vertical carrier and uses a standard DeltaV Power Supply. The advanced design of the DeltaV VIM2 will provide years of uninterrupted use.

EtherNet/IP Messaging Supported

The VIM2 EtherNet/IP Scanner Class Driver provides:

Class1 Implicit Messaging as Class1 adapters. These are defined as Generic 1756 Modules in ControlLogix. Note that these are supported only in the non-redundant VIM2 applications. Redundancy for Class1 adapters is not supported by Rockwell.

UCMM messages - specifically, encapsulated DF1 communications with PCCC objects in the PLC's. This allows VIM2s to connect to SLC's, PLC5's, and other legacy Rockwell devices (in addition to ControlLogix type PLC's). Additionally, these messages are used to connect VIM2s to devices on DH485 or DH+ networks via bridges or EtherNet/IP to serial converters like the 1761-NET-ENI.

VIM2 Product Description & Specifications

The VIM2 mounts on a 2-wide carrier on the left-hand-side of the DeltaV controller. A dedicated DeltaV power supply is required. The DeltaV Controller auto-senses a commissioned VIM2 as 4 DeltaV Programmable Serial Interface Cards in slots 57-60 or 61-64.

More information: DeltaV Virtual IO Module Network Gateway Specifications

VIM2 Driver Software Support

Software Support for the Rockwell PLC EtherNet/IP Driver for DeltaV VIM2 is included in the initial driver purchase for the first year from the date of shipment, and includes driver revision updates and technical support.

More information: VIM2 Driver Software Support Service

Ordering Information

The product numbers in the table below are for the complete DeltaV VIM2 Network Gateway. For each DeltaV VIM2 a Software License must be purchased. The VIMNet Explorer is included with each complete purchase. All software is distributed is subject to MYNAH Technologies Software License Agreement. A completed MYNAH software registration form is required before shipment. One year of technical support from the date of shipment is included with each purchase.

Hardware Module:

VE4026 DeltaV Virtual IO Module 2 (M Series VIM2), Manufactured by Emerson
SE4027 DeltaV Virtual IO Module 2 (S Series VIM2) , Manufactured by Emerson

Software Licenses:

IOD-4112 EtherNet/IP Driver for DeltaV VIM2

IOD-4112 Release Notes


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