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Simulator Maintenance Services
By Martin Berutti
Product: Simulator Maintenance Services

MYNAH's Simulator Maintenance Services (SMS) Portfolio is a comprehensive set of offerings designed to help you keep your Process Simulation System synchronized with the actual plant control system. Mimic Simulation Software has the lowest life cycle costs of any dynamic simulation solution, and these services are designed to extend the benefits of Mimic throughout the life cycle of the plant. The following available services help you maintain the integrity of your dynamic simulator.

Mimic Software Support

This service provides both Mimic software release upgrades and product technical support via the MYNAH Technologies Application Engineering Team. Software is downloaded and support tickets are opened at Technical support is supplemented as necessary with direct contact via the phone and/or a GoToMeeting web session.

Simulator Assessment Service

This is an annually performed service designed to ensure that the simulator system remains adequately representative of the on-line production system. In this service, MYNAH Application Engineers analyze Mimic and control system databases, conduct software version check, generate an assessment report, review results, and recommend potential enhancements.

  • Database Archiving – MYNAH maintains copies of the Mimic and Control System database files (and virtual machines if applicable). At no additional charge, MYNAH provides copies of the databases to authorized users, if requested, a maximum of three times per year.
  • Simulation System Assessment – An annual comparison of the archived Control System and Mimic databases against the current Control System and Mimic databases is conducted to determine differences.
  • System Assessment Report – A system assessment report detailing the findings of the database analysis is posted on your software license page at, making it available to all attached users.
  • System Assessment Review Meeting – A web-based review of the System Assessment Report is scheduled with MYNAH experts. The review explains the differences that have occurred during the previous year and determines whether any action should be taken.
  • Mimic Version Check – The version of Mimic being employed with the simulator is compared with the latest released version of Mimic. Evaluation and recommendations of potential enhancements that leverage new Mimic functionality are provided.

System Recovery Service

With this service, MYNAH maintains a complete set of Mimic and control system database files and other applicable project documentation stored within the MYNAH Technologies private cloud. If for some reason the simulator is impaired or otherwise rendered unusable, MYNAH technical experts utilize the stored files to execute a remote restoration of the simulator.

Maintenance Service Bank

This bank of engineering support hours is used for on-going simulator maintenance. MYNAH provides a variety of services designed to help preserve the performance of your simulator and implement any desired enhancements. These pre-purchased support hours come at a discounted price. You will be assigned a MYNAH consultant as your primary point of contact to address your system needs.

Training Service Bank

This bank of training support hours is designated for customized simulator-related training. Topics covered may range from handling various administrative and maintenance tasks for your Process Simulation System to instruction on how to build or modify process models using Mimic Simulation Software. These pre-purchased training support hours come at a discounted price and can also be used for Mimic Training courses.

Ordering Information

To receive an estimate for a Simulator Maintenance Services (SMS) Portfolio for your simulator, contact us at Please reference the user name, address, and Mimic Site ID in the email. Mimic Software Support Service is required before adding any supplemental service options to your portfolio.