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Troubleshooting Mimic Licensing
By Matt Welsh
Product: Mimic Simulation


Mimic’s new licensing system introduced a much faster and easier method of getting Mimic licensed after installation. In Licensing Mimic Simulation Software: Version 3.5 or Later, both the features and usage of the new license key, or “dongle”, are outlined and explained in depth.

This technical note elaborates on some exception cases where the dongle does not operate as expected according to the procedures in the article linked above.

Errors When Updating Dongle with .v2c File

Error Message “KeyIdNotFound”

The .v2c file being applied does not correspond to any Mimic dongle currently attached to the system.

.v2c files from a given site ID will only apply to a dongle with that exact site ID. Verify that the Mimic site ID from which you downloaded the .v2c file matches the site ID of the dongle. The site ID of the dongle is visible in License Manager just above the company & contact information fields.

Error message “UpdateTooOld”

This .v2c file has already been applied to the dongle.

In License Manager, check all of the features and support expiration date. Verify whether they match the most recent feature change or support renewal PO. If you applied this .v2c once already, try restarting license manager, Mimic explorer, and/or Mimic services to refresh license manager’s display. Note: restarting Mimic services will terminate any running simulations.

Error Message “UpdateTooNew”

There are multiple .v2c updates for this site ID, and this dongle has not had a prerequisite .v2c update applied to it yet.


  • Download and apply the .v2c files from your site ID in the order they are enumerated. If you get an “UpdateTooOld” error, move on to the next .v2c file.
  • If you find you are stuck between “UpdateTooOld” and “UpdateTooNew” errors on two consecutive updates, please contact MYNAH Technologies technical support for assistance.

Dongle Connectivity Issues


  • Dongle’s status LED may or may not illuminate
  • Dongle does not show up in License Manager
  • Mimic is in DEMO mode

The dongle is not connected, improperly connected, or otherwise not recognized by the machine.


  • If Mimic is installed but is in DEMO mode, and License Manager does not detect any attached key, open an internet browser window and navigate to the following URL: http://localhost:1947
  • If the SafeNet webpage shows up, the driver for the dongle has been installed. Navigate to “Sentinel Keys” on the SafeNet webpage. If the key does not show up in the list, it is likely that there is an application issue with the method or hardware through which the dongle is being connected.
  • Insert the dongle into a USB port on a different machine (for example, a laptop - Mimic does not need to be installed for the key to install its driver). The driver for the dongle should install automatically. When the driver is installed and configured, the red status LED on the key will be illuminated. Open up the SafeNet webpage in internet explorer as before and verify that the dongle appears in the Sentinel Keys list. This will confirm that the dongle is functioning properly.
  • If the dongle is still not detected, there could be an IT policy/setting (particularly on server machines) preventing the dongle from connecting to the USB host. Check Device Manager in Windows to assess whether the dongle is being detected at the hardware level and any relevant USB settings on the machine.
  • In the rare and unlikely event that a dongle is defective or non-functional, please contact MYNAH Technologies technical support for assistance.

Other error messages

Sentinel HASP Run-time installation error

A similar driver is already installed on this system, e.g. for a DeltaV license key. The driver cannot be updated as a result.

If you encounter an error prompt similar to figure 1, please see Sentinel HASP Driver Fails to Install on a System with DeltaV for further details on its cause and resolution.

Mimic reports “Software Support Expired on <date>” next to Site ID

The current date is later than the software support expiration date on the dongle. Support on your license may or may not have been renewed.


  • If software support has been renewed but you see this message, you can update your dongle through the Updating the Dongle procedure.
  • If software support has not been renewed for your Site ID, Mimic will still operate normally with the same features that are on your license. However, you will not be able to obtain software updates or technical support from MYNAH.
  • If Mimic is also in DEMO mode, you may be using v3.5.0. See symptoms and suggestions below.

Dongle is attached and shows up in License Manager, but Mimic is in DEMO Mode


  • Mimic is at v3.5.0 and support has expired.
  • Mimic is at a version that is newer than the support expiration date on your license.


  • If Mimic is at v3.5.0 and you see the symptom above, please contact MYNAH Technologies technical support for assistance.
  • If Mimic is at a different version and/or was recently upgraded to a recent version, the build date of the Mimic release you have installed may be newer than the support expiration date on your dongle. You may need to update your dongle. If applicable, you may also need to renew software support for your Mimic site ID. See Updating the Dongle for more information.


If you have encountered a licensing issue that has not been outlined above, or if you have any questions regarding the procedures and information, please feel free to contact MYNAH Support at +1.636.728.2000 ext. 2, or by opening a Support Ticket from your MYNAH My Account.