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VIM2 Generic Ethernet/IP Firmware v6.0.5 Release Notes
Product: DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

These release notes are for the initial release of Generic Ethernet/IP protocol firmware v6.0.5 for the VIM2 card.

Product Description

These release notes are for the Generic Ethernet/IP protocol firmware v6.0.2 for the VIM2 card.

Who should upgrade?

Required for all Vim2 users with configured Class1 connections.

What Is New In This Release?

  1. Support of VIM2.
  2. 128 field device support (128 sessions input or output) with a maximum of 128 connections in all sessions.
  3. Optimized session initialization to field devices.
  4. Added optimized support of scanner sessions (field device responses point to point processing on last assigned socket group, multicast processed only through last group).
  5. Optimized connection processing for multiple connections, enabled 200 ms updates with 70-80 connections using point to point TO, change of state and 800 ms RPI (1/4 RPI inhibition) = 200 ms update of change.

The Following Defects Were Corrected

  1. Prevent requirement for VimNet Upload following DeltaV download for VIM’s with ENBT connections.
  2. Correctly process matching DeltaV datasets to VIM following DeltaV downloads to handle multiple dataset connections.
  3. Corrected capture of outputs for multiple datasets connections on first pass.

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