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VimNet Explorer v9.1.5.12 Release Notes
Product: DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

These release notes are for the VimNet Explorer Utility version

Product Description

These release notes are for the VimNet Explorer Utility version The previous version is

Who should upgrade

All users of VimNet Explorer

The following defects were corrected

  1. Removed unused tool bar elements
  2. Modified diagnostic logging display dialog to resize correctly
  3. In Add VIM, check IP address and subnet for valid IP specification formats to prevent invalid IP addresses from being entered into VIM
  4. During VIM download of EPROM configurations, check for failure of message read-back matching, fail download and display error message
  5. For Ethernet/IP datasets detail display, display correct controller name rather than generic "NODE 1"
  6. Prevent UCMM message detail (file number) from being reset on opening of definition edit dialog
  7. VIM diagnostics, on failure reading configuration from primary, try secondary
  8. Ethernet/IP version 4x DF1 messages allow selection of block output or single value writes

What Is New In This Release

  1. Gateway IP address edit field may be enabled in "Physical Network Properties" dialog, rather than editing in registry
  2. VIM diagnostics, enable remote logging from VIM in settings (File/Setting), rather than editing in registry
  3. Ethernet/IP version 4x detail display, display extended address and remote destination routing if configured
  4. VIM diagnostics, hold column size between tree element types

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