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VimNet Explorer v9.1.5.13 Release Notes
By Noelle Weymer
Product: DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

These release notes are for the VimNet Explorer Utility version

Product Description

These release notes are for the VimNet Explorer Utility version The previous version is

Who should upgrade

All users of VimNet Explorer

The following defects were corrected:

VimNet Explorer

Corrected limit for adding network devices to Ethernet/IP (3x) VIM v3.5.2 and below. Previous versions allowed addition of 17 devices when the maximum was 16.

VimNet Diagnostic

Corrected status display of Ethernet/IP 3x VIM (which was configured with "Single redundancy no switching") after a connection fails and VIM's switch.

What Is New In This Release:

VimNet Explorer

  1. Allow Simplex Ethernet/IP 3x VIMs v3.5.3 and above to have 32 commissioned devices.
  2. For decommissioned Simplex Ethernet/IP 3x VIMs, allow up to 32 network devices, but warn that this requires firmware v3.5.3 or later for upload. This warning is given only on adding device 17.
  3. An error message has been added to the Upload function for Simplex Ethernet/IP 3x VIMs if more than 16 configured devices are detected and the firmware version is v3.5.2 or below.

VimNet Diagnostic - Modifications for Ethernet/IP 4x firmware v4.2.9.

  1. Added connection, Originator to target, and Target to originator serial numbers to dataset detail display.
  2. Updated dataset detail display to show ping sent, good response, and no-response.
  3. Updated detail display to show Session state under IO step field.

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