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VIMNet Explorer v9.3.x.x Help Files
By Edin Rakovic
Product: DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

This article discusses how to access the latest documentation within VIMNet Explorer v9.3.x.x.

Configuring a VIM for the first time can be intimidating. However, we have compiled documentation that will make the process of configuring a VIM hassle free. There are numerous sources of documentation:

To get started, please download the latest version of VIMNet Explorer. This can be done by registering for a MYNAH "MyAccount". For more information on "MyAccount", please click here.

Once downloaded/installed, VIMNet Explorer can be opened by following the path below:

Start -> All Programs -> MYNAH -> VIMNet Explorer

The following window will appear. From here you can access the Help -> Help Topics.

Figure 1: VIMNet Explorer

Once the "Help Topics" menu option is selected, the following window will open:

Figure 2: VIMNet Explorer Help Topics

Within the VIMNet help files we provide guides for the most common configurations, as well as descriptions of each of the specific configuration parameters. Furthermore, the help files provide a clear structure as to what is required for each of the specific DeltaV Industrial Ethernet Virtual I/O Modules, which builds on top of the product manuals.

In addition, we provide direct links to the configuration parameters. Accessing the help information for a specific configuration parameter is very simple. It is done by right clicking on the parameter and selecting "What Is This?".

Figure 3: VIMNet Explorer Decommissioned VIMs Properties

In the result, the help information will be displayed along with information pertaining to the configuration of other related parameters.

Figure 4: VIMNet Explorer Help Files for Decommissioned VIMs