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VIMNet Explorer v9.4.3.4 Release Notes
By Nobin William
Product: DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

These release notes are for the VIMNet Explorer version The previous version is

Who Should Upgrade?

Recommended for all users of VimNet Explorer.

Defects Corrected:

  • Deleting Modules from PROFINET Connection Definition when Assigned Causes .VIO Corruption
  • Corrected PROFIBUS Signal type serialization
  • Cleaned up duplicate code in CPROFINET_Module (ClearUsableSubModuleList function)
  • Added copy languages to copy device definition (initialize all device definitions arrays on new)
  • Corrected CPROFINET_RecordItem serialize of constant data
  • Make default landing module in PROFINET FHX export (optional on selection)
  • Correct update of ports on switching VIM type to PROFINET (also between all device types)

Enhancements Implemented:

  • Make PROFIBUS device name editable in device definition dialog.
  • Enable auto-generation of PROFIBUS name from field device name on initialization, option in VIMNet properties)
  • Test PROFINET and PROFIBUS device names and open edit if invalid
  • Display VIM firmware version in VIM detail window