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VIMNet Explorer v9.4.3.6 Release Notes
By Nobin William
Product: DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

These release notes are for the VIMNet Explorer version The previous version is

Who Should Upgrade?

Mandatory for users configuring VIM2 FMC firmware 2.2.0. Recommended for all other users.


Corrected serialization following addition of new VIM1 (flag of VIM type is correctly serialized). This prevents the requirement for modification in VIM properties dialog for VIM 1.

New In This Release

VimNet version includes modifications to the SmartTool import utility to allow the selection of the two parameter modifications for generated Tag group datasets. Each modification (DO setpoint / AO mode dataset output direction and DO/AO status input dataset size) is independent and both are designed to allow the FHX export file to hold the modified dataset configurations.

Both of these dataset changes will be available in VimNet, they will be created when the datasets are first created during the Tag import from the SmartTool export file. No changes are made to the VIM upload, the change is transferred to DeltaV for download to the VIM.

VIM Import FMC TPU File Dialog
VIM Import FMC TPU File Dialog
VIMNet/FMC Properties Dialog
VIMNet/FMC Properties Dialog

Settings of FMC DO and AO output datasets and field status datasets may be applied to all existing datasets from either of these configuration dialogs. The Import dialog updates a single VIM, the VIMNet dialog updates all VIM2’s.

These values will store the value in the registry once selected and become the default for future new VIMs. The value is also stored in the VIM for transfer with the “vio” configuration file; future imports will use these values.

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