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VIMNet Explorer v9.5.0.4 Release Notes
By Nobin William
Product: DeltaV Virtual IO Module - VIM2

These release notes are for the VimNet Explorer Utility version The previous version is

Who Should Upgrade?

Recommended for all users.


Corrected ODVA FHX export. Added FHX definition of Mynah DeviceNet Device definition (EDS) file to FHX Export (as option). Added Mynah_ODVA.EDS file to VimNet Explorer Installation.

VIM1 Flash does not work under Windows 10 due to a short network timeout. Created a default timeout of 4095 ms and stored as FlashTO in CURRENT_USER\Software\Mynah Technologies\PPV\Settings registry entry. This corrects flash timeout issues with versions of Modbus firmware with sleep time of 1000ms following flash mode request.

Corrected ODVA Redundancy checkbox in registry which was not enabled by default.

Modified need for CMM files to be read from the BIN folder. Instead, use Application Data (UserDir in registry) as source.

Corrected CMM mapping where wrong Modbus Address (199) is mapped to Dataset

New In This Release:

FMC Driver

Modifications for FMC Firmware (VIM2) allowing output only datasets for DO setpoint value and AO setpoint mode includes ability to configure status read-back (field status) as 32-bit with high 16-bit word replacing AO and DO setpoint (value/mode) high 16-bit word read-back of output write status.

ODVA Driver

Added Long File Type (L) for read/write access to 32-bit integers in ControlLogix and Micrologix DF1 definitions. This capability is available when using SLC_TYPED_LOGICAL access.

Added Output and Input File type read/write access for Micrologix DF1 definitions. This capability is available when using SLC_TYPED_LOGICAL access.

Corrected Dataset tab in DF1 definition. Changed INT16 dataset number of bytes from 100 to 200 (100 registers), and sets UINT8 to 100 bytes (100 registers).

Allow name and tag editing of ODVA DeviceNet signal instances.


Corrected item sorting in the ProfinetLogBook dialog. The items are now sorted chronologically by default. You can sort by any column. When new items are added, the list does not return to the top.


Track “Logging to:” in VimNet Diagnostic for all firmware types to correctly enable/disable logging. Fixed data race condition where Diagnostics would sometimes not start the thread required to poll data from the VIM.

Allow modification of logging port number in PIOLog (in properties dialog).

Fixed an occasional crash in Diagnostics.

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