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Virtual Dynamic Simulators
By Martin Berutti
Product: Mimic Simulation

MYNAH Technologies offers professional services for the design and implementation of Virtual Dynamic Simulators based upon Private Cloud Computing and VMWare virtualization technology.

MYNAH Virtual Dynamic Simulators bring the value of the Virtual Plant using Mimic Simulation Software into the world of Cloud Computing. Using the same technology implemented in public cloud enterprises, such as Amazon and Google, the private cloud implementation allows flexible access and agility but behind the security of the end user's firewall. MYNAH is a registered VMWare Solution Provider with expertise in designing, implementing, and training on Virtual Dynamic Simulators based upon VMWare virtualization technology. MYNAH uses an ISO registered, proprietary process to review the user requirements and recommend a Virtual Dynamic Simulator designed to meet the business goals of the project and provide the greatest return on investment.

MYNAH Technologies is a registered VMWare Solution Provider.

Value of the Virtual Dynamic Simulator

MYNAH Virtual Dynamic Simulators using VMWare virtualization technology provide the following business benefits:

  • Reduced training and development system hardware requirements.
  • Protection of dynamic simulation to control system simulator communications through the use of virtual LAN implementations.
  • One button start up of training or development systems.
  • Greater security and availability for the training and development system.
  • Flexibility to handle multiple control system implementations and dynamic models in the same system.
  • Flexibility to allow training or development systems from any networked PC or thin client.
  • Ability to handle system expansions and upgrades with minimal hardware investments.
MYNAH's Virtual Dynamic Simulator designs allow access to private cloud training systems from any networked PC or thin client.

Features of the Virtual Dynamic Simulator

MYNAH Virtual Dynamic Simulators using VMWare virtualization technology includes the following key features:

  • Server hardware sized and selected based upon MYNAH VMWare experience with VMWare ready designs.
  • Implementation of virtualization management best practices using VMWare VCenter Server.
  • VLAN implementation to secure virtual machine communication and provide high capacity link to plant network.
  • Selection of operating system licensing based upon all application requirements and user long term goals.
  • Best practice installs of Mimic and control system simulators.
  • System management and user documentation.
MYNAH Virtual Dynamic Simulators use VMWare virtualization technology and Mimic Simulation Software.

MYNAH Virtual Dynamic Simulator is an excellent platform for the user to take advantage of the power and flexibility of Mimic v3.4 for the automation system optimization and operator training needs of the plant (see Business Case for the Virtual Plant).

Ordering Information

To receive a quotation for the design and development of a Virtual Private Simulator please contact us at Please reference the user name, address, and Mimic Site ID in the email for existing Mimic users. A list of services normally provided is listed below.

SER-4114 Virtual Dynamic Simulator (VMWare) Consulting and Design
  • MYNAH Consultant designs Virtual Dynamic Simulator based upon user requirements
  • Generation of detailed BOM for hardware, operating systems, and VMWare utilities
  • Review design in web meeting or on site (travel expenses billed at cost)
SER-4111 Mimic System Setup, SIO and Base Model Generation
  • Commission server, install VMWare and operating system Licenses
  • Install control system simulation software and Mimic and user's configuration.
  • Start and test all installations and operations.
  • Prepare user manual for Virtual dynamic simulator