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Mimic Advanced Thermo Package is a complete set of advanced thermodynamic methods and data designed for users in the petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas, and refining industries. By Martin Berutti
Mimic Advanced Modeling Objects are a set of rigorous first-principles, dynamic models of process plant unit operations designed for high-performance simulations for operator training or automation system testing. By Martin Berutti
High fidelity operator training system for distillation columns made for Rockwell PlantPAx users. By Martin Berutti
Develop structured, repeatable, measurable operator training sessions. By Martin Berutti
Technical support and automatic software upgrades for your Mimic Simulation System. By Martin Berutti
Mimic es un programa de software diseñado para las industrias de proceso que facilita la simulación rápida, fácil, flexible y dinámica para obtener resultados de ciclo de vida dentro de las operaciones de planta. By Noelle Weymer
Real-time IO simulation for ABB 800xA Simulator software using Mimic Simulation. By Noelle Weymer
The Mimic Portage Mining Advanced Modeling Objects are designed for high-performance dynamic simulations for operator training, automation system testing, and operational improvement. By Martin Berutti