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MYNAH Technologies announces enhanced strategic partnership with ProSys, a leader in Dynamic Alarm Management, to bring operator training and certification services to the process industries. By Noelle Weymer
Choose model fidelity based on the specific needs of the project and apply levels of fidelity as needed for different process areas. By Martin Berutti
Technical support and automatic software upgrades for your Mimic Simulation System. By Martin Berutti
How to deliver automation value with necessary complexity By Dustin Beebe - ProSys
Un Gerente de planta de proceso tienen a su disposición, en Mimic, una poderosa herramienta para solucionar los retos operativos. By Noelle Weymer
Mimic es un programa de software diseñado para las industrias de proceso que facilita la simulación rápida, fácil, flexible y dinámica para obtener resultados de ciclo de vida dentro de las operaciones de planta. By Noelle Weymer
The purpose of this technical note is to demonstrate how to use a model developed in MathWorks MATLAB with Mimic using the By Adam Drees
This technical note elaborates on some exception cases where the dongle does not operate as expected according to our licensing procedures. By Matt Welsh