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This technical note describes the DeltaV, VIM and Opto22 E1 and E2 Brainboard configurations for bi-directional data exchange. By Edin Rakovic
With the release of Mimic 3.5, the licensing procedures and terminology for Mimic have changed. Mimic and its components are no longer licensed using XML files. Instead, Mimic is now licensed using a USB license key called a “dongle”. By Matt Welsh
The purpose of this technical note is to demonstrate how to replace VIM with VIM2 in a redundant pair. By Noelle Weymer
This is the virtualization terminology needed to understand MYNAH's Virtual Dynamic Simulator. By Edin Rakovic
The following document is an overview of the design and function of the Virtual Dynamic Simulator. By Jake Nichelson
This technical note describes how to edit DeltaV Railbus IO Definition in Mimic v3.5.1. By Noelle Weymer
The Sentinel HASP hardware license key used by Mimic requires a Windows device driver to function properly. This device driver is installed during the Mimic software installation. By Aaron Johnson
This technical note describes additional steps that need to be performed to complete a Full Install of Mimic 3 on a Server 2008 Windows operating system. By Jay Chard