Mimic – Fast, Easy, Flexible Dynamic Simulation for Life-Cycle Results
Mimic – Fast, Easy, Flexible Dynamic Simulation for Life-Cycle Results

Operational Challenges and Simulation

There are many challenges that come with operating a process plant. Using a dynamic simulator for operator training and automation improvement is a demonstrated solution to reduce risks and increase business results of the plant.

However, not all dynamic simulators are the same, or even provide the same benefits.

Mimic was built to address the life cycle needs of process plant operations, with the lowest life cycle costs available. This provides the greatest return on investment of any dynamic simulator.

Mimic Provides Life Cycle Business Benefits

Dynamic, first principle, process modeling objects in Mimic simulate accurate, real-time plant behaviors. Mimic supports selective application of simulation fidelity, from low to high.

Every Mimic release is designed to be fast, easy, and flexible, consistently reducing the time and cost required to develop a dynamic simulation.

Life cycle operations results extend to all control system platforms. Mimic is designed to work with control system simulators. It’s built for operator training and plant operations improvement.

Mimic is Built on the Latest Technologies

Mimic’s graphical interfaces are intuitive, flexible, and easy to use for the plant engineer who needs results, but doesn’t have time.

Multi-threaded, 64-bit architecture supports plants of all sizes. 64-bit simulation engine provides real-time simulation performance.

XML and OPC open interfaces make getting data in and out of Mimic easy. Integrated Microsoft SQL Server makes database management simple. Cloud proven architectures - VMWare and Hyper-V ready. Multi-user thin client support extends the benefits throughout the plant.

Virtual Plant: Control System Simulator and Mimic

Training operators or changing control strategies on a real plant can be dangerous or costly.

In the virtual plant, the control system is replicated in the control system simulator.

Mimic works with the control system simulator, providing real-time IO signals and dynamic process models that respond to the control system just like the real plant.

Mimic Operator Training Manager allows effective, measurable training of operators, and Mimic Test Bench automates testing of the control system.

Mimic’s Proven Returns on Investment

The business benefits of using life cycle dynamic simulations have been proven.

  • Reduce operator errors - each error can cost $100,000 or more.
  • Optimize operation modes - 1-2% operational improvement and savings.
  • Identify control system errors before startup - saving months of operations and startup costs.
  • Identify safety issues and operations bottlenecks - avoid production loss or incidents costing $1,000,000 or more.
  • Develop quality records and operations offline - saving up to $1,000,000 per year.

Buy Mimic

Mimic is the dynamic simulation platform for companies like Emerson Process Management and Rockwell Automation, and can be purchased through your local business partner, integrator, or distributor.

Mimic software licenses and Mimic Software Support renewals can also be purchased in the MYNAH web store or through a support representative.

All Mimic documentation is available at MYNAH.com. Please see the links to our online Mimic Web Help and Quickstart Guide below, or search our Knowledge Base for more information about using Mimic.
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