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Simulation for Safety

Simulation for Safety

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One of the larger producers of nitric acid for use in fertilizers in the US had to work through the design, procurement and construction of its new ammonia plant. There was also an immediate need to find skilled workers to operate the facility. Advanced simulation technology was used before the plant was built and operational to train operators in startup and shutdown, as well as how to handle rare process excursions that they may have not seen with even 10 years of experience.Todd Jaco explains how using an effective ammonia plant operator training system can greatly reduce startup time. Read more on page 101.

Virtual Plant Virtuosity

Control Global

Maximizing operator and system synergy for best plant performance. It is well known that the operator can make or break a system. A recent research study found that only 2% of process losses and safety issues could be traced to something other than human error. Operator training is recognized as essential.

2017 Readers' Choice Awards

Control Global

Experienced process automation professionals know which companies are best qualified to give them what they need. For the 25th time, Control’s annual Readers’ Choice Awards survey asked end users to name those companies. About 1,000 respondents weighed in on which suppliers provided the best technology, and for the 6th straight year, MYNAH came in #1 for Simulation Software.
For Automation World’s Leadership in Automation program, now in its seventh year, readers have named their preferred suppliers across a variety of automation technologies. MYNAH was awarded as a First Team Honoree in the category of Simulation & Modeling Software.
Drug manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim uses a virtual dynamic simulator to replicate its batch control system, saving time and money on validation compliance and process control improvements.
How a high-tech company is attracting and developing the next generation of high-performance process control professionals.
Six professionals were inducted into the Academy of Chemical Engineers at Missouri University of Science and Technology, including MYNAH's Mart Berutti and Dave Sextro.

Improve pH Control

Chemical Processing

The measurement of pH provides a resolution and rangeability in indicating process composition that is orders of magnitude better than any other analysis. With this exceptional capability comes an extraordinary sensitivity to the control strategy, controller, measurement, mechanical equipment, piping, and valve design and installation. A slight deficiency in any of these aspects that normally would be of no consequence to other control systems can cause a pH system to fail miserably.