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Simulation for Safety

Process plant managers face many challenges, such as worker safety, environmental stewardship, process uptime, and conservation of plant resources. Life-cycle dynamic simulation, the virtual plant, is a proven technology to help plant operations address challenges.

2016 Readers' Choice Awards

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For Automation World’s 2015 Leadership in Automation program, now in its fifth year, suppliers show how their continued innovation makes them the preferred choice among readers.
Simulation enables greater and deeper knowledge of the process. Measurements, the use of smart controls and optimization help turn what were controlled variables into manipulated variables
Variations in feedstock hardness, grade and rock size lead to fast and frequent unmeasured disturbances, calling for the best of technologies and techniques.
Austin Powder's U.S. Nitrogen uses MYNAH's Mimic Simulation Software to speed up implementation and training, and improve process optimization.
Virtual plants and online metrics can capitalize on the synergy between modeling and control to unleash engineers' imaginations to push the process control envelope.
Barrick Gold Is Using MYNAH's Mimic Software to Simulate Multiple Processes for Training Operators and Improving Performance at Its New, $3.7-Billion Gold Mine in the Dominican Republic. Click below to read the full story.