Quality Policy

5.3 Quality Policy Rev 012 May 2017


Quality is a guiding principle of business at MYNAH Technologies LLC. Because our customers rely upon our products to operate their plants and test their process automation systems, we are committed to provide the highest quality, highest-performance software and process simulation solutions available.

To ensure that we are meeting the needs of the marketplace that we serve, we are committed to comply with our customer requirements. This includes all aspects of running our business from designing and manufacturing products that meet industry accepted standards to shipping products per the agreed upon timeframe.

MYNAH Technologies LLC’s management team communicates the quality policy within the organization on a regular basis throughout the year and periodically reviews the company quality policy to ensure that it is appropriate to the purpose of the organization. In addition, management annually reviews the Quality Management System to determine whether process modification is appropriate.

We are proud of the use of our products across multiple industries. A list of users of MYNAH Technologies LLC’s products is available upon request.


MYNAH Core Values and Business Definition

MYNAH Technologies LLC operates in accordance with the following core values, in fulfillment of our business definition.

  • INTEGRITY – keep our commitments, unmatched honesty and responsibility
  • ATTITUDE – value for positive energy, respect for each individual
  • INNOVATION - desire for knowledge, open to new ideas
  • EXCELLENCE – driven and motivated to be the best individually and corporately

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Leadership, Responsibilities, and Authority

President & COO originally established the Quality Policy and approved it on January 2003.

The President & COO as well as Vice-President Sales & Operations may decide to change the Quality Policy only when the organization attains the goals and aspirations expressed or they are no longer relevant or sufficient.


The Quality Policy states MYNAH Technologies LLC’s commitments and aspirations to provide customers and consumers quality products and reliable services.

Based on the above commitments and aspirations MYNAH Technologies LLC developed a formalized quality management system to assure that the quality of the products we manufacture, and services we provide to our external customers meet and/or exceed their expectations in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.

The Quality Policy provides a framework for establishing specific quality objectives and provides direction for the continual improvement effort.

MYNAH Technologies LLC through general orientation training explains and discusses the Quality Policy meaning to new employees.

MYNAH Technologies LLC communicates the Quality Policy to customers, consumers, suppliers and other interested parties through our website.

President & COO, Vice-President Sales & Operations, Vice-President Technology, and Vice-President Engineering reviews the Quality Policy on an annual basis to ensure its continual relevance and suitability

Forms and Records

Meeting minutes will be kept electronically and shared with rest of organization.